Matcha lover's big tears Haagen-Dazs 'Matcha Ensemble' tasting review, all wafers, coatings, ice and cookies matcha

For a limited time, the ' Matcha Ensemble ', in which all ingredients are made with matcha green tea, has appeared in the Haagen-Dazs '

Crispy Sand ' series, which combines crisp wafers, crispy chocolate, and rich ice cream into one. I actually ate and tried to check the taste woven by each matcha contained in wafers, coatings, ice creams, and cookies.

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The package of 'Matcha Ensemble' is green, because it has only matcha.

Next to the Haagen-Dazs logo is the word 'Limited time offer'.

Ice cream is classified by type. Looking at the ingredients, in addition to white chocolate coating (manufactured domestically), cream, non-fat concentrated milk, sugar, etc., it contained true tea wafers, true tea cookies, and true tea.

The calorie is 256 kcal per 60 ml.

Opened. The size and shape are the same as the regular Crispy Sand series, but the outer wafer is different from the regular one and has a 'very matcha itself' shade.

The chocolate coating of the sandwiched ice cream is also brown.

The cross section with a kitchen knife looks like this. Not only the coating on the outside, but the ice cream is covered with green tea on the inside. The dark green part of the cross section is the matcha cookie.

When chewed, the texture of the wafer is crispy, and from the ice cream, you can feel the rich richness and sweetness of milk, and the flavor and subtle bitterness of fragrant matcha. The taste of matcha made from wafers, coatings, and ice cream is mixed together, giving the impression that the name “Matcha tsuzushi” is true. Official page Iwaku Matcha cookie is said to be 'bittersweet', but it has a strong sweetness overall and a weak bitterness, so it is ideal as a dessert.

The suggested retail price for Hagendat's 'Matcha Ensemble' is 295 yen (excluding tax). It can be purchased at supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide for a limited time from May 12, 2020 (Tuesday).

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