I tried the Haagen Dazs "coffee vanilla" which a rich vanilla ice wraps a deep coffee sorbet

Haagen Dazs combined Solbe and Vanilla Ice Cream using Colombian coffee beansCoffee vanillaWe released on July 14th (Tue) 2015. As Ice using Haagen Dazs coffee, on June 30 (Tue), "Mascarpone EspressoAlthough it was just released, this time's "coffee vanilla"First appearance in 2014It was said that the product that was getting popular was re-appearing, so I actually tried to eat it.

Coffee vanilla | Product Information | Haagen-Dazs Häagen-Dazs

"Haagen Dazs Coffee Vanilla" package is a design based on crimson and cream color.

On the side of the lid and cup, coffee beans that are in hemp bags and illustration of coffee float with vanilla ice cream floating in.

Because it is made up of coffee sorbet and vanilla ice, "Ice milk" by type, cream, sugar, defatted concentrated milk, powdered candy, coffee etc. can be confirmed for raw materials.

Calorie is 178 kcal per 110 ml.

When removing the lid, the ice cream is further covered with film.

Remove the film and meet with coffee vanilla. Brown coffee sorbet and cream colored vanilla ice cream spirally around.

The layer of coffee sorbet is a sharp look like shaved ice.

When I try to eat it is felt that the richness and bitter taste of coffee sorbet are guts, vanilla ice mellows the flavor of coffee and is superb compatible. "Crispy Sand Mascarpone EspressoAlso using coffee as a material, coffee vanilla is the influence which is finished in a solvated form, the bitterness of coffee was felt more strongly.

As we continue to eat, the bitterness of coffee is strong, so the amount of vanilla ice cream was compounded somewhat more than coffee sorbet.

In addition, the price of "coffee vanilla" is 294 yen including tax, it is sold for a limited time.

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