Haagen-Dazs 'Vanilla Cookie Raspberry' is sweet and sour raspberry sauce to the texture of cookie

Haagen-Dazs started selling 'Vanilla Cookie Raspberry' for a limited time from October 27 (Monday), last time it was July 2013 so it came out for about 1 year and 3 months, the crispy texture of cookie It was a dish with a sweet and sour raspberry sauce, so I bought it for a long time and decided to eat it.

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The package was designed based on deep red and yellow of Haagen Dazs.

Illustrations of vanilla cookie raspberry parfait are drawn.

Milk fat content is 12.5%, slightly lower for Haagen Dazs. Raw material can be confirmed cream · defatted concentrated milk · sugar · raspberry sauce · chocolate cookie · egg yolk etc.

Calories are 254 kcal, slightly higher than Haagen Dazs vanilla (244 kcal).

When opening it, the inner lid of vinyl with the mark of Haagen Dazs appeared.

When you peel off the inner cover you face the ice cream.

When approaching, you can see the red raspberry sauce and the black grain of cookies.

When you scoop ice cream, you can check cookies and raspberry sauces well.

When scooping and eating, bitter taste of chocolate cookie · sourness of raspberry sauce is added to the taste of rich vanilla ice cream like Haagen Dazs and it feels nice. Sweetness is not too strong making it making good use of the goodness of the material, the texture of chocolate cookie isCookie & amp; creamIt is almost the same texture. The raspberry sauce was firmly acidic and the sweetness was not so strong, so the whole balance was taken.

The texture of melted ice cream is also smooth. While Ice cream entered chocolate cookie, it was a refreshing finish thanks to raspberry entering.

Vanilla cookie raspberry is limited time sale, the price is 284 yen including tax. Even for those who like rich taste, it is also recommended for people who like refreshing taste.

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