I ate Hagen Dazz's "pumpkin" which is perfect for a little chilly season

Haagen-Dazs continued to last year as a new work of autumn "Minicup"pumpkinWe released it from September 8 (Monday). Last year Ice was made with the theme of "Kokurikiri rich chicken", but this year it looked like a minor change in appearance so I bought it and tried it.

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Haagen-Daz Minicup Pumpkin is an autumn-like package based on Orange.

Illustrations of pumpkin and letters "Period Limited" are drawn.

Milk fat content is 13.5%, unchanged from last year, cream · defat concentrated milk · sugar · pumpkin · puree · pumpkin sauce · egg yolk · stabilizer etc used.

The calorie is 239 kcal, which is about the same as Haagen Dazs mini cup vanilla (244 kcal).

When you remove the outer lid, the inner pig written "Häagen-Dazs" appears.

Pumpkin sauce is swirling around pumpkin colored ice cream when you remove the inner pig.

It looks like a caramel sauce, but you can see a pumpkin sauce with a strong pumpkin color.

Pumpkin paste appeared when I scooped ice cream.

First of all, when you eat the part of pumpkin sauce, you can feel the taste just like caramel, match with pumpkin taste ice cream. The taste of milk and pumpkin is felt firmly, too much sweetness is refrained with reasonable balance, the taste of the material is alive.

The part of pumpkin puree felt the taste of pumpkin more firmly. It seems to be a bit heavy taste in summer, but it seems to be the perfect ice for a bit chilly season in the future.

In addition, Haagen Dazs Mini Cup Pumpkin is sold for a limited time at 263 yen excluding tax.

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