Haagen-Dazs' new work "Purimo & Pumpkin" Tasting Review Using Autumnal Materials

Haagen-Dazs has released a new work "Monday, October 7"Purple potato"When"pumpkinWe will sell. It seems that purple potatoes are "creamy creamy crispy" and pumpkin "kokkuri rich roots" so I bought it at the neighborhood supermarket and tried tasting the mouth.

Purple & amp; pumpkin | Product Information | Haagen-Dazs Haagen-Dazs

Purple potato is purple in the package, pumpkin is orange, and it is very conspicuous color at the ice point when lining up.

Raw materials of purple potatoes are cream, defatted concentrated milk, sugar, purple potato sauce, purple potato puree, egg yolk. Milk fat content is 13%.

The calorie is 263 kcal per piece, which is almost the same as the vanilla (267 kcal) of the Haagen Dazs mini cup.

You can see ice cream and purple potato sauce that was lavendered when opened.

A purple line continues in the ice cream.

The taste of rich cream like Haagen Dazs spreads when including in mouth, the impression that the taste of cream is better than the taste of purple potatoes. Purple potato sauce matches well with ice cream and it also feels a simple taste, but anyway the cream is rich and I feel that the expression "leek" does not apply very well.

The raw material of pumpkin is almost the same as purple potato, sauce and puree are changed to pumpkin and stabilizer (pectin) is added. The pumpkin used is Ebisu pumpkin. Milk fat content is 13.5% slightly higher than purple potatoes.

One piece of 264 kcal is almost the same as purple potato.

If you dig a little with this ice cream you can see that the pumpkin sauce is buried in the center.

Pumpkin sauce can be confirmed under ice cream. I decided to eat it.

It feels like a caramel slightly feeling with the taste of a cream that is inferior to a purple pot as feeling it in the mouth. This cream is as dense as purple, but you can feel the pumpkin firmly as a aftertaste. However, it may be a bit harsh to eat a strong taste continuously ... ....

The price is 284 yen including tax for sale for a limited time. While using a rustic material such as purple potatoes, it is finished in a luxurious style that should be called "True Haagen Dazs". Haagen Dazs will be on Monday, October 8 (Tuesday) only for Seven Eleven Matcha AzukiJaponais, The opera series will be released in early December.

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