New combination of strawberries and bananas "Haagen Dazs Strawberry Banana" Taste Review

Haagen-Dazs is a limited-time product limited to convenience stores from May 13Strawberry bananasWe are on sale. I was interested in an unusual combination of banana and strawberry, so I bought it and ate it.

Strawberry Banana | Product Information | Haagen-Dazs Häagen-Dazs

A package featuring illustration of banana and strawberry.

Strawberry juice and strawberry puree, banana puree can be confirmed as raw materials. Milk fat content is considerably less than 6% and vanilla 15%, and it can be predicted that it is smoother than ordinary menu.

Calorie is 188 kcal and compared with 267 kcal of vanilla, it is also less.

Opening spreads the scent of strawberry. A structure where the red strawberry part and the cream colored banana part are separated.

I will get it soon. Strawberry is solve and banana is ice with milk, and the sourness of strawberry matches the sweetness of banana. It is making it until now, but it is truly Haagen Dazs as it is finished with such high quality with such goods.

The part of strawberry is a sour slightly sour and it is quite soluble. There is a time lag in the speed of melting in strawberry and banana parts, because the content of cream is low and it is a product lacking in thickness, so Haagen-Dazs recommends "to eat after freeing it from a freezer and eating it a little" rather than just as it is I felt it was delicious to eat.

The part of banana matches the taste of cream and sweetness of banana. While using bananas, they are never making crappy. Even if you eat it together with strawberry and banana, you can eat deliciously, but it is ant to eat separately.

Besides, because both the period and the selling place will be limited products, people who like Haagen-Dazs are flavors that you bought without loss.

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