I can use my own white board "NUboard (Nu Board)" New books · A4 size · A3 format deformation I tried using

It looks like a notepad, but it can be used as a portable whiteboard "NUboard (Nu Board)"is. There is a white board part and a transparent sheet part, and it is said that it can use various ways depending on the idea so I tried it immediately.

NUboard (Nu Board)

This is NUboard. The size is from small one to new book, A4 size, A3 type deformed type three kinds.

This is a new book size paper. PILOT 's whiteboard marker comes with it.

The notes on use which are written on the reverse side are written in the same warning points as when using the white board.

It's thin, it's about thinner than a pen.

I compared three sizes. New books · A4 size · A3 format deformation type from above.

All thickness is thin.

A3 type deformed type has a slip stopper on the edge.

It is easy to self-support because it has a slip prevention.

The part which keeps the marker attached to the board.

This is removable.

You can change it to your favorite position.

New book style is convenient for carrying.

A4 size is a sense of size to enter the bag.

Try opening a new book and it looks like this.

Since there are 4 white boards, you can write on 8 sides. The number of white boards is common to each size.

There are five transparent sheets in the new book.

For A4 size and A3 format deformable type, semitransparent sheet is attached to each white board face, 8 sheets in total.

I tried writing a letter. Although writing comfort is the whiteboard itself, it is easy to write because it can be written with a sense of notepad.

When you erase a character you can easily erase it with this part attached to the pen's head.

After writing on the white board surface with magic, a transparent film ......

Place it on top.

As a result, the magic will not disappear even if you touch it.

Paper caught between the white board and the transparent sheet ......

You can write memos freely on paper without contaminating the paper.

It is really easy to erase.

If you use a white board and a transparent sheet in this way, it seems that it can be used for a wide range of applications.

In addition, NUboard is sold for new books by tax of 1380 yen, A4 size by tax of 2,600 yen, A3 format deforming type with tax of 3,800 yen, from AmazonNew book,A4 size,A3 format variantYou can purchase each one.

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