Steam-less steam does not get into the kettle VE Electric Electric Magic Bin "Tokiko" I tried using the PIG-A 300 type

Although I think that there are not a few people who experienced burning ... as they inadvertently bring their hands close to the steam mouth while boiling water in the electric kettle, but steam did not come out as totally, It is not troublesome to place it like a conventional electric pot "Steam-less VE electric magic box PIG-A"is. Not only is it designed to be safe and secure, but also because it is said that heat retention performance is enhanced and heat retention is possible even when turning off the current supply, I actually tried using it.

Tiger's Marathon | Tiger steam-less VE electric magic pot PIG-A

Tokiko arrived in a cardboard box.

Three of the main body, instruction manual and power cord were in the box.

The 3.0-liter model PIG-A 300 purchased this time is 23.4 cm × 30.2 cm × 31.0 cm, weighs 3.7 kg, the power consumption of the water heater is 700 W, the power consumption per day is 0.58 kWh, the annual electricity consumption is It is 209 kWh.

Looking from the side like this.

Warnings and notes on the back.

There is a plug insertion port on the left side of the back.

Looking from above it is like this.

On the operation panel are a power saving timer / energy saving course key, a mahobab key, a heat keeping selection key, a kitchen timer key, a reboiling key, a display part, and a lock release key.

When pouring hot water, it is common to push the "hot water supply" button on the panel, but the steam-less coiled PIG-A type has a wide horizontal hot-water supply lever on the front and it is easier to push from either the left or right , It is distinctive that it has a structure that makes it easy to supply hot water.

In addition, there are steam ports at the top of many electric pots, and steam is made to blow out when boiling hot water.

I also inadvertently got a hand on the steam mouth and burned.

However, there is no steam mouth on the lid of the steam-less baby-sized PIG-A type.

The handle is black.

The water level indicator looks something like this. The capacity is 3.0L.

So I will actually try using it. To open the lid, push the open / close lever ......

Put water in a separate container.

After closing the lid, insert the power plug into the outlet.

The water kettle is now started.

While the side of the electric pot is getting warm while boiling and keeping warmth, the body remains cool in the case of this steam-less competitor.

Since the lid part will not get hot, even if you touch it is okay.

The state of the PIG-A type steam less fuku who is actually stirring the hot water can be confirmed from the following movie. If you stir water with an electric kettle, you can hear a sound like Shunshun somewhat, Steam-less boyfriend PIG-A type is merely silent. Since steam is not wiped up, it is impossible to distinguish between a hot water heater and a hot water heater.

Steam-less bamboo girl in the water heater Picture of the PIG-A type - YouTube

It actually feels like this when pouring hot water. The lever was large, it was easier to use as it can be pressed from either the left or the right.

Electric pot with no steam Steamless boyfriend I tried using PIG-A type

There is also an air hot water supply mode in which hot water is poured even if the plug is pulled out, and moving the push plate stopper located on the lid to the direction of releasing makes it possible to use it in a push button type even in situations where electricity can not be used outdoors.

The state of pouring hot water in the air hot water supply mode is from the following movie.

Steam-less bamboo tried using PIG-A type air hot water supply mode - YouTube

Why does steam-less hot water boil? When you say, steam generated at the time of steaming enters from the steam intake port and is received by the steam catcher built in the lid. After that, the steam is cooled through the cooling passage inside the catcher, steam condensed and water droplets return to the inner vessel from the original aisle.

In addition, when you want to change the setting temperature when steaming, adjust with the heat retention selection button.

In addition, there is a "mahobabo insulated" course in which the heater automatically turns off after boiling in the steam-less baby-sized PIG-A type, and when this is selected, it is not necessary to use electricity and hot water with hot insulation power of the high vacuum double bottle It is possible to keep warm. It is also possible to change the temperature by selecting the warm insulation course and automatically enter the warming mode when it comes to the selected temperature.

The temperature is displayed in increments of 5 degrees, and the current hot water temperature and the remaining time until boiling are displayed alternately every 10 seconds.

When you press and hold the power saving timer key for about 1 second, it switches to the energy saving course, the heater runs out before boiling, and heat retention is done. In addition, the temperature of the hot water at the end of steaming is about 98 degrees.

It is possible to switch to the power saving mode when you press the power saving timer key normally instead of long press and it will be good to set it before going to bed or going out because the water skimming starts 1 hour before the setting time expires .

In addition, it is also possible to set kitchen timer, it is very convenient while it is a trivial point.

It keeps warming with electricity and high vacuum double bottle and can keep about 90 degrees or more even after 2 hours of unplugging. Since steam does not go out, there was no fear of accidentally touching the steam of high temperature carelessly, becoming an economical and secure electric pot.

As for writing current articleThe lowest price on the price .comIt is 20,800 yen.

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