I tried three kinds of Haagen Dazs' newly formed crispy sand series

Haagen-Dazs renewed the package and taste of the Crispy Sand series from Monday, June 9 "Caramel Classic"·"Matcha Chocolat"·"mangoWe released three types of. I increased the amount of ice cream and thinned the coating, making it more crispy with wafers, so I bought it and ate it eating.

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Haagen-Dazs Crispy Sand's new design is based on the dark red color of Haagen-Dazs.

In the old design there was no roundness in the box, but the part above the box was slightly rounded.

Caramel Classic combines caramel ice cream with caramel coating and sandwiched in wafers.

Milk fat content is 14%, raw materials such as caramel chocolate coaching · cream · defatted condensed milk · wafers · caramel sauce etc.

Calorie is 252 kcal per piece,Haagen-Dazs Mini Cup Vanilla(267 kcal) slightly lower.

Opened, the crispy sandwrapped in vinyl is with the old package.

Taking a crisp sand in the hand, the size is the same as before. After tax increase Haagen Dazs mini cup has decreased capacity slightly, but crispy sand has not decreased, 60 ml as before.

Coating is also seen as seen from the side.

When eating, the crispy texture of caramel coating remains as good as ever, due to the crispy texture. Although caramel is fragrant, bitterness is made modestly and has no habit. The richness of milk was made like Haagen Dazs.

Matcha chocolate is a dish that sandwiched with cocoa wafers, combining matcha ice cream with chocolate sauce and matcha tea coating.

Milk fat content is 11.5%, raw materials such as white chocolate coaching cream · defat concentrated milk · sugar · cocoa wafers · chocolate syrup · milk coaching etc.

The calorie is 252 kcal, it is exactly the same as caramel classic.

When opening it, the cocoa wafer was a bit dull. I opened two, but since they were both tingling, it may be making it easy to ruffle.

Although bitterness of cocoa wafers is strong, it matches the taste of matcha tea. The texture can be enjoyed as crispy crispy texture as caramel classic. Although slightly milk fat content was thin, it was made to feel the taste of Matcha firmly and the chocolate taste well.

Mango isIt was sold in MarchRenewed things as soon as possible. It is characterized by rich making of mango.

The mango on the top is the old package, the mango under the new package. It seems that there is not much difference at first glance.

The milk fat content is 11%, and white chocolate coaching cream, mango puree, defatted concentrated milk, mango pulp, wafer, etc. can be confirmed as raw materials.

Fruit juice and flesh are 34% and quite plenty. The calorie is 234 kcal, calories are a bit discreet compared to before renewal (246 kcal).

When you try it, the taste of mango is felt firmly, and the feeling of cream is also quite dense. The texture was not significantly different from the two I ate before. Mango before renewal was also pretty tasty of mango, but after renewal it felt like it was getting thicker.

All prices are 284 yen including tax, and it is sold as a regular product.

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