Haagen Dazs 'caramel crush' has a crisp and fresh texture

With Haagen-Dazs caramel flavored ice creamMelty caramelAlthough it is on sale, it was different from thatCaramel crashWas released on Monday, April 7th. It seems that caramel chips are made with a bit of crispy texture using fermented butter, so I bought it and ate it eating.

Caramel crash | Product Information | Haagen-Dazs Häagen-Dazs

Caramel crash is a design based on a color like caramel.

Illustrations of caramel crashed in the package are printed.

Milk fat content is 13%, raw materials such as cream · defatted condensed milk · sugar · egg yolk · caramel syrup · caramel chips · fermented butter. The capacity of Haagen Dazs cup ice was 120 ml in the past, but it is 110 ml after the consumption tax increase tax.

Calories are 262 kcal, Haagen-DazsMini Cup VanillaJust a little bit lower than 267 kcal.

When opening it, an inner lid of vinyl is attached.

When taking the inner cover, a slightly brown ice cream appeared.

It is caramel chips that seems to be slightly in the ice cream.

I scooped the ice a little and it contained a lot of fine caramel chips.

Including it in the mouth will make your whole mouth full of thick sense of fermented butter and bitter sweet taste of caramel. It is heavier than fermented butter as compared to Melty caramel, it is finished in a taste with a refined effect with making bitterness of caramel stand out.

Caramel chips are crispy texture like candy, it has become a good accent. Both the ice caramel chips were quite impressive in quality.

The price of Haagen Dazs caramel crush is 263 yen excluding tax, but it is lower than the tax pre-tax of 270 yen before the revision of consumption tax, but the volume has actually risen by about 6% due to the 10 ml reduction in capacity. If you like caramel taste try it once and it will not be wrong.

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