"Mascarpone Espresso" which the bitter taste of coffee worked crispy, etc. Haagen-Dazs New product summer's product taste review

"I made bitter taste of espresso effective for deep vanilla ice including Mascarpone cheese"Crispy Sand Mascarpone Espresso"And mixed lemon custard sauce and pie cloth using Sicilian lemon juice into ice creamMinicup Sicilia lemon pie"Has joined the Haagen-Dazs lineup from June 30, 2015 (Tuesday). I bought and eaten two kinds of new products that the acidity of lemon and the bitterness of coffee became an accent in thick ice cream.

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"Mascarpone Espresso" and "Sicilia Lemon Pai" packages are designed based on the scarlet color familiar to Haagen Dazs, using summer-like light blue or blue for color.

First of allMascarpone EspressoI'll try to eat it. "Ice cream that wrapped Mascarpone vanilla ice cream mixed with bittersweet espresso sauce with vanilla coating with vanilla beans seeds and sandwiched in cocoa wafers".

The top of the raw material is white chocolate coaching, followed by cream, defatted concentrated milk and ingredients of ice cream such as sugar. Furthermore, it can be confirmed that espresso coffee sauce which characterizes the taste of Mascarpone espresso, cocoa wafer, mascarpone cheese etc. are also included.

Calories are 254 kcal per 60 ml.

Opening the box and taking out the contents, Mascarpone espresso wrapped in a plastic bag appeared.

When putting it on a plate it looks like this. Ice cream with white white chocolate is sandwiched with dark brown cocoa wafers.

I cut it in half with a kitchen knife, and the espresso coffee sauce was kneaded in a spiral shape in the middle of the ice cream. There is a deep scent of coffee beans like when you made a thick espresso.

When you eat it, first you feel a crisp, light texture of cake and cocoa flavor, and you can enjoy the smooth and rich sweetness of white chocolate. Mascarpone cheese is mixed in vanilla ice cream, so it's made quite dense with both vanilla and cheese rich but the central coffee sauce has a bitter bitter taste, rich ice cream It is a feeling that is tasteing.

When eating with two mouths, three mouths, while the flavor of cheese dominates the mouth, the bitter taste of coffee is harmonized, and the aftertaste is finished in ice cream sweets like tiramisu.

Then "Sicilia lemon pie".

Illustrations depicting toppings of pie cloth in a soft cream with lemon sauce on the lid are drawn.

Raw materials include cream and defatted concentrated milk, as well as lemon custard sauce, pies and the like.

Calories are 259 kcal per 110 ml.

When peeling off the lid and film, pale cream colored ice cream appears.

It is said that it uses Sicilian lemon juice that bitterness is low, and when you eat it surely bitterness is thin, lemon acidity is working, ice cream that can match with rich vanilla ice cream and can be satisfied even in summer. There is not much presence of custard cream, but the egg's richness remains soft in the aftertaste.

Looking at the middle part of the ice cream, the sliced ​​lemon sauce and finely crushed pie cloth were kneaded in the ice cream. As ice using lemon, in the past "Lemon ginger float"Was sold for a limited time, but the Sicilian lemon pie does not have a part in the form of a solve, only ice cream is packed.

The pie cloth sucked the ice moisture and crispness disappeared and it became moist and moist, but you can enjoy a savory flavor. It is also a pleasant point that a lot of crushed pie cloth is rumbling as it advances eating ice cream.

Prices of "Mascarpone Espresso" and "Sicilia Lemon Pai" are 294 yen including tax, respectively, and it is sold for a limited time.

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