Lawson x GODIVA's "Uchi Café SWEETS × GODIVA" 6th chocolat parfait and chocolate macaroon were eaten ahead of this even though I could still enjoy rich chocolate

From 2017 Lawson 's sweet brand "Uchi Café SWEETS" and GODIVA' s collaboration suites have appeared one after another, realizing a total of five collaborations from June 2017 to November 2017. After that, there was not a story of collaboration for a while, but as Losson × GODIVA collaboration sixth bullet from April 17 (Tue) of 2018, "Uchi Café SWEETS × GODIVA chocolat parfait"When"Uchi Café SWEETS × GODIVA chocolate macaronIt is decided that it will appear. Since the actual thing arrived at the editorial department before the sale, I actually tried eating what kind of taste I can enjoy.

2018 Co-developed product with GODIVA "Chocolat Parfait" "Chocolat Macaroon" released | Lawson

The packages of "Uchi Café SWEETS × GODIVA Chocolat Parfa" and "Uchi Café SWEETS × GODIVA Chocolat Macaroon" delivered to the editorial department are as follows. "Uchi Café SWEETS × GODIVA Chocolat Parfa" is a simple design with a sticker with a logo drawn on a transparent plastic case. Also, "Uchi Café SWEETS × GODIVA Chocolat Macaron" is based on gold and black design.

First, I will look at Uchi Café SWEETS × GODIVA Chocolat Parfait.

Because the thing delivered to the editorial department was a sample item, the seal written with raw materials etc. was not pasted in Uchi Café SWEETS × GODIVA Chocolat parfait. In addition, sugar (sugar, syrup, lactose), milk, dairy products etc. are contained in raw materials, and the calorie per piece is 401 kcal. In addition, the layer of the parfait can be confirmed in six layers in the state before package opening, "chocolate cream", "chocolate sponge cake", "chocolate sauce", "chocolate sponge cake", "janduya chocolate" and "chocolate mousse" from above It is.

Immediately, peel off the seal and open the package. Then the chocolate board on which Uchi Café SWEETS × GODIVA was decorated is put on top, and cocoa powder is put on top of the top chocolate cream.

I put iPhone 8 side by side. Uchi Café SWEETS × GODIVA Chocolat parfa is about two thirds of the long side (138.4 mm) of iPhone 8, and it is just right to eat it for a snack.

I will eat it at once. Chocolate cream is gentle sweetness and texture is characteristic. Also, by combining the bitterness of cocoa powder, it changes to a slightly sweet chocolate flavor with richness.

Next, a chocolate sponge cake came out. Chocolate is entangled in the sponge cake, and you can feel the flavor of rich chocolate with a moist texture. Also, by tangling with the cocoa powder and chocolate cream earlier, you can enjoy the rich chocolate taste.

Chocolate sauce appears from underneath. Unlike the layers of cream and sponge cake, chocolate sauce is characterized by strong bitter taste and gives sharpness to the taste. Therefore, rather than eating only chocolate sauce, it is recommended to eat it with chocolate sponge and so on.

Next, a layer of chocolate sponge cake and a layer of chocolate and nut paste combined Jandya chocolate came out. Crepe dough is entangled in Janduya chocolate, a crisp texture. So soft and gentle texture similar to this was continued, but changes are added to the texture here.

The last is a layer of chocolate mousse. It changes from a crisp texture of Jandya chocolate to a gentle texture of chocolate mousse. I could also feel the chocolate richness from the chocolate mousse, and I was able to enjoy the rich chocolate from the beginning to the end.

Next, I will look at "Uchi Café SWEETS × GODIVA Chocolat Macaroon". At the bottom left of the package is written "Use 3.7% Orange in Cream" and where the taste is concerned.

The raw materials are followed by chocolate, sugar and egg whites, and the oranges contained in the cream seem to contain sugar pickled orange peel.

Calories are 160 kcal per piece.

Taking it out of the package, the upper surface of "Uchi Café SWEETS × GODIVA chocolate macaroon" is coated with chocolate and the board chocolate featuring "Uchi Café SWEETS × GODIVA" is put on. It is gilded from above and it has an elegant appearance.

I arranged iPhone 8 next to it. Macaroon is about one-third the size of the long side (138.4 mm) of iPhone 8. It is not particularly large, it is a standard macaroon size.

When I cut it in half, there is a lot of chocolate ganache, which is a mixture of macaroons and kneaded oranges.

When I brought it to the mouth, immediately after feeling a crisp texture and a moist texture on the surface of the macaroon cloth, the flavors of macaroon and chocolate ganache came together, and the scent of rich chocolate took in the whole mouth It spreads. The fragrance of orange spreads in the mouth so as to follow further. It did not become a taste with habit as a whole, it was easy for everyone to eat, and enjoyed an elegant taste.

"Uchi Café SWEETS × GODIVA Chocolat Parfa" is 450 yen including tax, "Uchi Café SWEETS × GODIVA Chocolat Macaron" is 350 yen including tax. Both are limited time and quantity limited, so I recommend you to purchase anxious person as soon as possible.

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