I tried 5 kinds of new sweets such as Lawson `` Uchi Cafe × GODIVA Gateau Chocolat Noir '' where rich chocolate ganache supervised by Godiva melts

Lawson's sweets brand

Uchi Café will launch `` Uchi Café × GODIVA Gateau Chocolat Noir '' `` Uchi Café × GODIVA Tart truffle chocolate '' `` GODIVA × LAWSON BAKERY Chocolat bread '' `` GODIVA × MACHI café Melty ' Chocolat ' and ' Uchi Café x GODIVA Chocolate Ice Cream Roll Cake ' have appeared. I was wondering what the flavors of Lawson's full-fledged chocolate sweets, which were born in collaboration with the well-established Belgian chocolate maker GODIVA , were actually eaten.

GODIVA supervised “Gato Chocolat” and “Chocolat Tart” winter luxury chocolate menu released

Uchi Café × GODIVA | Lawson Official Site

I bought it right away. From left: Uchi Café x GODIVA Gateau Chocolat Noir (450 yen including tax), Uchi Café x GODIVA Tart Truffle O Chocolate (350 yen including tax), GODIVA x LAWSON BAKERY Chocolate Pan (210 yen including tax) ...

Hot milk and chocolate from “Uchi Café × GODIVA Chocolate Ice Cream Roll Cake (380 yen including tax)” and “GODIVA × MACHI café Melty Chocolate (450 yen)”. Melty Chocolat was put in a paper bag when taking home.

First of all, drink from “GODIVA × MACHI café Melty Chocolate” before the hot milk gets cold. Melty chocolate is a set of hot milk and chocolate in a cup with a lid.

In the raw material column of chocolate, in addition to ordinary chocolate ingredients such as cacao mass and cocoa powder, dried strawberries were listed.

The calorie is 177kcal per 28g.

When I opened the bag, chocolate with a stick came out. Soaking this chocolate in hot milk and tasting both melted dark chocolate and hot milk mixed with chocolate is the way to enjoy “GODIVA × MACHI café Melty Chocolate” recommended by Lawson.

You can see the back of the chocolate filled with dried strawberry grains.

When I removed the hot milk lid, a fluffy, foamed milk floated. When you take a sip, you will feel the original richness and sweetness of milk.

Put chocolate in hot milk at once ...

Stir gently for a few seconds. The melted chocolate gradually spread into the hot milk.

When I took out the melted chocolate and ate half of it, the bitterness of dark chocolate and the mellowness of hot milk melted together, and the taste like milk chocolate spread in my mouth. The sweet and sour taste of dried strawberry is a good accent for chocolate with a modest sweetness.

Milk melted with chocolate tastes like hot cocoa. Chocolate and milk have almost no sweetness, so you could enjoy a bitter cappuccino-like mouthfeel after drinking plenty of chocolate.

Next, let ’s eat “Uchi Café × GODIVA Gateau Chocolat Noir”.

In the column of raw materials, there are ingredients like sweets such as sugars, cacao mass and cacao butter, but “gold leaf” is also used as a coloring agent.

The calorie is 442kcal per piece.

When you

remove the lid, Gateau Chocolat coated with a shiny chocolate glassage will appear. The glassage is covered with gold powder.

When cut in half, it looks like this. The yellow layer on top of the chocolate sponge cake is a

fiantine that has been baked and crushed with a thin crepe dough. The chocolate mousse on top of it also wraps the gateau chocolate.

From the moist gateau chocolate and chocolate mousse, you can feel the elegant sweetness and rich cacao scent. On the other hand, the soft sponge cake and the crispy Fiantine add a light texture, so you could enjoy the scent of cacao without getting tired until the last bite.

The next thing I ate was “Uchi Café × GODIVA Tart Truffle O Chocolate”.

The raw material looks like this.

Calories are 330kcal per piece.

When I opened the bag, a tart with three chocolate truffles came out.

The tart dough made of cocoa

biscuits is filled with chocolate ganache and topped with chocolate truffles.

The bite of the tart allowed us to enjoy the crisp texture of cocoa biscuit and the smooth, rich and sweet chocolate ganache.

Chocolate truffles are also made of ganache, but the bittersweetness of the cocoa powder sprinkled on the surface highlights the mellow sweetness of ganache, so it tastes different from chocolate tart, so truffles first I felt that it was just ant to enjoy it.

Next, we will eat “GODIVA × LAWSON BAKERY chocolate bread”.

Looking at the raw materials, you can see that not only wheat flour but also rice flour is used for bread. In addition, cranberry candied is also used.

The calorie is 254kcal per piece.

This is taken out of the bag and placed on a plate.

Dice-shaped chocolate peeks out from the bread dough.

When I cut it in half, I could see the chocolate cream being sanded.

From the dough mixed with chocolate paste, you can feel the texture and the flavor of cacao. In addition, the sweetness of the moist chocolate cream and the slight acidity of the cranberries contrast and enhance the cacao scent, resulting in a sweet bread that differs from ordinary chocolate bread in both taste and taste.

The last thing I ate was “Uchi Café × GODIVA Chocolat Ice Cream Roll Cake” with cool ice cream.

In the raw material column, not only chocolate and quasi-chocolate but also 'raw chocolate' is listed. Calories are 316kcal per piece.

This is the bag opened and the contents taken out. The center of the roll cake is cut out, and the raw chocolate filled in it is topped with dice-shaped chocolate and

cacao nibs .

Because it was put in the freezer just before eating, the chocolate ice under the raw chocolate is frozen, but the raw chocolate is melted. The ice cream also contained walnuts.

When you eat a bite, the moist chocolate sponge, thick raw chocolate, chilly chocolate ice cream and chocolate dice melt together on your tongue, and you can enjoy the taste of chocolate. Scented walnuts and poly-polished cacao nibs accentuate both flavor and texture, making it an ice cream that allows you to enjoy the harmony of chocolate without feeling persistent.

`` Uchi Café × GODIVA gateau chocolate noir '' `` Uchi Café × GODIVA tart truffle o chocolate '' `` GODIVA × LAWSON BAKERY chocolate bread '' `` GODIVA × MACHI café melty chocolate '' `` Uchi Café × GODIVA chocolate ice cream roll cake '' in 2019 It can be purchased from Lawson nationwide from 10th of March, but “GODIVA × MACHI café Melty Chocolat” is only available at the MACHI cafe store , so be careful.

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