I tried to eat "Uchi Cafe Sweets × GODIVA Chocolat Roll Cake" for a limited time and quantity limited when Godiva and Lawson collaborated in the mouth become chocolate one color

From June 6, 2017 (Tuesday) to Lawson, "I got cold with Godiva"Uchi Cafe Sweets × GODIVA chocolate roll cake"Will appear. I got a chocolate roll cake that is the most expensive among the 104 kinds of roll cakes I sold so far using raw materials and manufacturing methods, so I tried to see how it was finished. It was.

This is the package of Uchi Cafe Sweets × GODIVA chocolate roll cake.

Taking out from the bag is like this.

Uchi Cafe Sweets × GODIVA board chocolate is on the middle of the roll cake.

Diameter is one size smaller than the iPhone SE with a total length of 123.8 mm.

As soon as I ate it, Ganache sandwiched between chocolate creams was rich. Chocolate sponge and chocolate cream are smooth and sweet, so sweetness & richness, after eating, I felt "dark !!!" and I wanted to drink coffee and tea. Lawson's premium roll cake is fluffy and light taste, so it can be said that the chocolate roll cake feels heavy while taking over the lightness of the cream is a completely different finish.

In the middle of the cream is something like crispy cookies with chocolate stuffed with crepe dough and Jandoi.

Even though only cream & fabrics will make chocolate in the mouth, eating this crispy object will add another flavor of chocolate.

The chocolate board on the top is a semi-suite,Board chocolate stuck in Godiva's soft creamIt was a different thing.

Godiva's soft creams and so on say "Nachi Riku ...... Lot ... ...." Chocolate roll cake is soft, cream and so on are different atmosphere, scent and so on, so I do not notice that "Godiva" is not said, but soft The cream and rich ganache, crisp crepe dough etc. The difference in texture and finish that makes the inside of chocolate one color in the mouth is the level saying "Chocolate roll cake different from usual snack". In addition, Uchi Cafe Sweets × GODIVA chocolate roll cake is 395 yen including tax, it is offered only for 3 weeks · 2.5 million foods only.

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