Gmail implemented security updates that improved spam detection accuracy using machine learning, block accuracy of 99.9% or more


Google has made a new security update for Gmail. According to Google, this new mechanism uses machine learning to block spam and phishing mail with high accuracy of 99.9% or more.

Google Online Security Blog: New Built-In Gmail Protections to Combat Malware in Attachments

Keeping your company data safe with new security updates to Gmail

In order to protect users from malicious intent, Google has dedicated machine learning model to improve accuracy of spam detection. Since Google also has Safe Browsing machine learning technology, by combining these, flags are set for phishing site and URL suspected to be malware, and combined with information such as reputation for URL and similarity analysis, He said that he made high-precision judgments.

According to Google, the percentage of spam that is being received in Gmail is 50% to 70%. In other words, it seems that they handle hundreds of millions of spam every day and protect users.

In order to secure the safety of the user, in order to secure the user, Google has notified the sender in the case of detecting the virus in the attached file, "Stop downloading the attached file when detecting the virus", " We have taken various measures such as preventing e-mail transmission. Based on this idea, it became impossible to attach JavaScript files from February 2017.

JavaScript file attachment disabled in Gmail, starting from February 13 - GIGAZINE

Google says that this security update will increase the accuracy of spam blocking to more than 99.9%, but it is not "absolutely safe", so be careful when you receive suspicious emails Please.

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