I ate Famima's chocolate sweet sweets suited by famous chocolate candy store "Kenzukafe Tokyo supervision chocolate roll"

Cooking and selling shop of luxury Gateau chocolat "Kenzukafe TokyoRoll cake of chocolate exhaustion supervised "Ken's Cafe Tokyo Supervision Chocolat Roll"Has appeared on Family Mart from Tuesday, May 8, 2018. I actually bought and confirmed the finish of the convenience store supervised by the chocolate confectionery shop.

Ken's Cafe Tokyo Supervised Chocolat Roll | Product Information | FamilyMart

I bought "Ken's Cafe Tokyo Supervised Chocolat Roll" (198 yen including tax). Ken 's Cafe Tokyo is a specialty store of Gateau Chocolat known for selling one Gateau chocolat of 3000 yen. On the upper right of the package, Kenzukafe Tokyo logo mark is drawn largely.

On the upper left of the package there is a note of the structure of the roll cake and "Please enjoy with a spoon."

In addition to chocolates such as "cocoa powder" and "chocolate" in the notation of raw materials, you can see that "instant coffee" reminiscent of bitterness is included.

The energy per rolled cake is 304 kcal.

When taking it out of the bag, the roll cake is in a transparent case so as not to move. When you take out the roll cake from the bag, the scent of chocolate drifts.

Looking at the case from the bottom, you can see a light brown chocolate whip.

I tried to transfer it to a dish.

It's about 10 cm in diameter and it's like this when you line up iPhone 7 with a long side of 13.8 cm.

When I try to eat, there is cocoa bittersweet and richness in the aroma and sweetness of thick chocolate, finished in adult flavoring. First of all, it's gentle sweetness with chocolate whip in the lower middle of the middle, then gradually becomes sweet with chocolate pudding and time difference, and finally a thick chocolate fabric finishes with sweetness and richness and bittersweet. Chocolate pudding and chocolate whip are good in melting in the mouth, while the chocolate fabric melts slowly in the mouth and has a presence. The light texture of the cocoa sponge wrapped around adds sharpness to the texture and taste of cream and chocolate fabric melting in the mouth.

"Ken's Cafe Tokyo supervised chocolate roll" can be purchased at FamilyMart nationwide, but please note that it is not available for purchase at Miyazaki prefecture and Kagoshima prefecture family mart.

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