Rogue-like RPG "Tangledeep" which passes through the randomly generated dungeon by properly using nine occupations corresponded to Japanese so I played it

A game aiming at clearing the dungeon whose form changes every time it enters, while cultivating characters widely known in "Wonderland Dungeon" series etc.Rogue-likeIt is called RPG. "Tangledeep」Is a roguelike RPG from abroad, the corresponding language was only English but there are many requests for Japanese, and announced that Japanese correspondence was done in beta version from the developer on May 4, 2018 (Fri) There was, so I actually played.

Steam: Tangledeep

It is not an official version that supports Japanese but only a beta version. To download the beta version of Tangledeep, first from the Steam game library, right click on "Tangledeep" and select "Properties".

Open the "Beta" tab of the property, select "beta - Opt - in beta builds!" In the "Please select beta you want to participate" box, and click "Close".

Once you see the Steam game library again, if you can confirm that it is "Tangledeep [beta]" OK.

When I start up Tangledeep it looks like this. Tangledeep is in English version by default, but click on the Japanese flag at the bottom right and restart the game.

If the menu part is displayed in Japanese, Japaneseization is completed. Select "From the beginning" to start the game.

There are three types of game difficulty, "Hero mode", "Adventure mode", "Cynic mode", and the state when life becomes 0 is different. Adventure mode returns to hand with holdings, job points, experience value halved, so even beginners can play with ease. On the other hand, it is a specification for the professional saying that all items gathered up to that point and the degree of progress of the game are also reset when the rigorous mode is exhausted even once in the middle of the dungeon.

Next, I choose profession. There are nine occupations to choose from in the initial state.

1. A dancer
The gangster uses a knife and has many easy-to-use skills. It is possible to jump over the enemy 's head, or to slip through the enemy' s enclosing net and attack it.

You can tell what kind of character the right character is by seeing the following movie.

Rogue-like RPG "Tangledeep" Job introduction: Shikibu - YouTube

2. Use of plants
Plant use uses the magic of plants. It is possible to use plants as demons, to grow ivy and thorns and to interfere with enemy movement.

You can see how you saw using vegetable using the following movie.

Rogue-like RPG "Tangledeep" job introduction: Plant use - YouTube

3. Butoh swordsman
Butoh swordsmen are attractive with high attack power and high criticality. You can also wield fire and ice around and attack.

The movie below when I tried using Butoh swordsmen.

Rogue-like RPG "Tangledeep" Job introduction: Butoh swordsman - YouTube

Four. Holy Knight
Holy knights can convert 'anger' into attacks with skills. It also has skills to demonstrate by attaching heavy armor.

You can check how the Holy Knight turns anger into power in the following movie.

Rogue-like RPG "Tangledeep" job introduction: Holy Knight - YouTube

Five. Martial artist
Martial artists are fighting style with empty hands. Anyway, I will use techniques and skills with high offensive power. In addition, regular attacks are supposed to hit two fists on the left and right fists.

You can see how a martial artist turns a dungeon 's enemy using a skill while watching it in the following movie.

Rogue-like RPG "Tangledeep" job introduction: Martial Arts - YouTube

6. hunter
A hunter who uses a bow arrow can remotely attack. You can also break down the disadvantage using Wanna.

You can see in the movie below how the hunter shoots a bow and arrow and wears a trap.

Rogue-like RPG "Tangledeep" job introduction: Hunter - YouTube

7. Spell Shaper
The spell shaper is a so-called witchcraft. You can use magic of fire and ice, and you can freely change the magic shape by skill.

You can check how spell shaper uses magic in the following movie.

Rogue-like RPG "Tangledeep" job introduction: Spell Shaper - YouTube

8. Edge-sein
Edgecheon is a warrior who can turn songs into power. Attack while strengthening defense and attack power with singing skill. It is also possible to amplify the effect and duration of singing by attacking while singing, and it can be said that chatter is particularly important for standing.

You can see places where you can advance dungeons using Edgeche in the following movie.

Rogue-like RPG "Tangledeep" job introduction: Edgecine - YouTube

9. Soul keeper
Seoul keeper is a profession that uses the power of the spirit to attack and invoke demons. If you defeat an enemy, you will be able to recover stamina and energy, but you can apply it to the skill as soul keeper. In addition, since ordinary attacks are bow-bows, remote attacks of things that do not reach hunters are also possible.

You can see how you feel when using the soul keeper by seeing the following movie.

Rogue-like RPG "Tangledeep" job introduction: Soul keeper - YouTube

In addition, these occupations can change jobs even during the game by paying gold. As long as you do not die, you will be able to train your favorite character by playing the game because you will not lose skills acquired even if you change job. Also, depending on circumstances and moods, you can choose between 9 different occupations.

If you choose an early occupation from the above 9, enter a name and select "CONFIRM". If you can not decide the name, click on "RANDOM" will automatically name you.

After choosing two special skills, choose to complete. The game starts now.

The starting point is Riverstone village.

When I tried speaking to a person who was in the village square, it was a cat item store showing abnormal tension, not human. It is an impression that I translate firmly the nice dialogue as it is natural that I do not feel uncomfortable while reading Japanese translation of game text.

You can go to the dungeon from a cave across the bridge. The inside of the dungeon is random generation, and the structure changes each time it enters.

Looking down to the dungeon is like this. The surroundings are dark, we can not see anything but the small room we are in, we can not see the whole floor. The red gauge in the lower center shows physical strength, green shows stamina and blue shows energy. Stamina and energy decreases when you activate your skill, but you can recover by picking up the wildfire you drop when you defeat the enemy. Skills obtained for each job are displayed in the lower right slot and correspond to the numeric keys on the keyboard.

A side area where treasure boxes and events await also appears randomly.

There is no setting of "hunger" which requires hunger by walking around, and there is no setting of "hunger", but since the decreased physical strength does not recover spontaneously, when you decrease your physical strength you have to take a recovery medicine you carry or eat food Hmm. When recovery medicine and dishes are exhausted, it is possible to come back to the village square at any time by selecting "Warp Portal". Warp portal can be used many times for free, but since several turns are required to connect the warp portal from the dungeon to the village square, we recommend returning when there is plenty of time.

Equipment screen looks like this. Equipment is not set for durability, you can get it from the treasure chest in the dungeon or the enemy you knocked down. It is also that the item has a profitable ability.

The skill of the job is acquired by consuming the job point (JP) obtained by defeating the enemy. We manage the acquired skill in the skill slot on the left.

The author of Tangledeep said "Sylen of the windIt is a big fan of the series. However, "Tangledeep" is a series of "Tenkedei Shiren" series and "Tenchi-no-Siren" series in terms of "You can use the nine professions properly", "You can return from the dungeon at any time", "There is no hunger, physical strength does not recover naturally" It has completely different gaming characteristics. There is also a fantasy world view and skill replacement, and when playing it is more like a net game than Rogue Like RPG. Dive into the dungeon and kill the enemy and nurture the characterHack and slashThere was also element, it was a kind design such as coming back from the dungeon at any time, and it was a work that can be enjoyed from those who are not used to the game to roguelike RPG fans.

Although only the beta version is compatible with the Japanese at the time of article creation, Tangledeep has been fixed bugfixes and adjustments little by little, and in the summer of 2018 it is planned to offer Nintendo Switch version It can be expected enough for future development.

Tangledeep can be purchased from Steam at 1480 yen including tax.

Steam: Tangledeep

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