Lawson's "Sachertorte" and "Mont Blanc" to eat after squeezing whipped cream are levels that can not be considered convenience store desert

Lawson started trading Austrian traditional chocolate cake from November 26 (Tuesday)Sachertorte"When"Mont Blanc"Sacher Torte has a whipped cream that squeezes by hand, Mont Blanc was increased in malon paste and puree, was made full-scale, such as using western liquor, so I bought it and tried it at once .

Sachertte (with whipped cream) | Dessert | Product / Toku Information | Lawson

Premium Mont Blanc | Dessert | Product / Toku Information | Lawson

"Sac harutete (300 yen including tax)" comes with whipped cream as a separate appendix.

Whipped cream is long in the side, the amount of cream seems to be large.

Apricot jam, cacao mass, cocoa, cocoa butter and so on can be confirmed as raw materials. The calorie is 222 kcal.

It is about the size to rest on your hands.

On top of Sachertorte is a chocolate topping with "Uchi Cafe Sweets" logo.

Lotte's view from the sideChocolate pieIt is similar to.

I squeeze the cream and topping it.

The cut is at the bottom.

Because it is impeccable, I will place Sachertte on the plate and squeeze the whipped cream next to that.

It will be fine if you pull down all the cream.

Cut it with a kitchen knife. The cake itself seems to be a little hardened.

Turning it off, the section looks like this. Apricot jam is in the middle.

Including it in the mouth spreads the taste of chocolate full mouth. With a considerable richness, it feels like a feeling of choking the chocolate rather than a cake. The sweetness is modest, the quality of chocolate is quite high, so it is a little surprising that this is sold at convenience stores. Apricot jam is also included in the cake, and a refreshing acidity is added to the taste of chocolate and it feels nice. Because it gets ridiculed, Lawson handed out a fork, but it seems better to eat with a spoon.

Whipped cream has little sweetness, and when eating with Sachertte, the taste of milk fat content and rich chocolate are combined and good. By the way, authentic Austrian whipped cream is said to contain no sugar. As Zac horte is a pretty rich taste cake, I want to eat it in winter than summer.

The chocolate cake has a small amount of moisture in the sponge, so it will be dangerous.

Chocolate has a delicious crisp texture and the toppings' chocolate looks fun making. Even if you eat with coffee or tea, compatibility seems to be good.

"Mont Blanc (250 yen tax included)" is in a slightly angular shape plastic case.

You can see from a side that it is a slightly different package.

Maron paste · vegetable oil · malon puree · liquor etc can be confirmed as raw materials. The calorie is 249 kcal, slightly higher than Sachertte.

Mont Blanc is also the size of the palm size.

Sugar boiled in half of the chestnut is topped.

Maron cream is rolled up in turns.

When cutting it, it is a layer of malon cream · whipped cream · marron cream · sponge.

Cream felt the fragrance and taste of wine in a faint order, and a full-fledged cream feels a bit of astringency in chestnuts. However the taste of chestnut is never too thick, the balance of cream and chestnut formulation is just right. It seems that vegetable oils are mainly used, but the taste of the cream itself did not feel cheap.

The amount of cream for sponge is quite large, with 7 to 80% of the whole being cream, making cream unfitting.

Sponge is fluffy and compatibility with cream is also good. The spongePremium strawberry shortcakeIt seems that the same thing as used is used.

Chestnut sugar boiled is not too sweet, you can feel the taste of chestnut firmly. Chestnut hide is also attached, but I did not feel astringent.

Both are sales for a limited time. It is slightly higher price setting for convenience store desserts, but it is recommended for those who like sweet things because they taste better than price.

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