The live-action movie version `` AKIRA '' is `` all pending '', commented by Taika Waititi


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Taika Waititi, who was participating in the project as a director, commented on the live-action movie version 'AKIRA' scheduled to be released in 2021 in an interview that 'all has been put on hold'. As a result, the future of the live-action movie version “AKIRA” is unclear.

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A story about the live-action movie of Katsuhiro Otomo's ' AKIRA ' has been talked about since 2007, and initially Rueil Robinson was to be appointed

`` It seems that the director of the live-action movie version `` AKIRA '' has been decided-gigazine

However, Robinson dropped off without shooting 'AKIRA'. The director of the live-action movie version “AKIRA”, which has become vacant, Twists and turns ( Uyoketsu Setsu ) After that, in 2017, the director of Taika Waititi, known for the movie ' Mighty So Battle Royale ', got a white arrow.

Waititi was then officially appointed director of the live-action movie version 'AKIRA' in May 2019. At the same time, the release date of the movie was decided on May 21, 2021.

`` AKIRA '' live-action movie version will be released in 2021-gigazine

However, in July 2019, two months after taking office as Waititi, Warner Bros. announced that 'AKIRA will be held indefinitely.' According to the entertainment information site Variety, the plan for `` AKIRA '' was abandoned because of the difficulties of casting and the fourth in the series `` Thor: Love and Thunder (Mighty (Saw / Love and Thunder) '.

In addition, in response to the fact that the 2019 movie `` JoJo Rabbit '' was awarded the Academy Award for the 92nd Academy Awards for the 2019 release movie, Waititi, interviewed Variety in February 2020, I answered the question, 'All has been put on hold.'

'The AKIRA project has been postponed for about two years because the schedule has pushed me into the' saw 'schedule,' explains Waititi. The shooting schedule for 'AKIRA' will be shifted to 'Thor: Love and Thunder' scheduled to be released in 2021. Director Waititi further states, 'I don't know if it will be two days, not two years. I think it will eventually be a movie, but it is not clear whether I will do it.' He suggested that there is a possibility of getting off the movie 'AKIRA' project.

Also, director Waititi, who was talked about the series from the episode director of the spin-off movie ' The Mandalorian ' of the movie 'Star Wars', said, 'What can I say, but a better story I wish I was there. '

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Continuing on the question, 'Would you like to take a Star Wars?', 'I want to make any movie if it makes sense and doesn't mean to shake my career.' And a positive attitude.

Over the years, Waititi has been negotiating a contract for a new Star Wars movie, and if this is realized, it will be even more difficult for Waititi to produce AKIRA.

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