Trailer of the latest version of "X-MEN" theatrical version leaks

The other day, the announcement of the Disney movie "TR2N (TRON 2)" is an American eventIt leaked out from Comic-ConAlthough I told you that the trailer of "X-MEN" 's latest movie "Wolverine" is also running out. Does Comic-Con make hidden shots popular?

Details are as below. Three movies are linked. There are two trailers that flowed out this time, and one official trailer released before.

The script is "Troy"David Benioff, who worked on others, directed the 2006 Academy Award for Foreign Language Film Award"Tsotsi"Gavin Hood. Hugh · Jackman, who played the role of Wolverine at the theatrical version "X-MEN" so far, will be the protagonist, and will be released to the US on May 1, 2009. Wolverine seems to be the main story of the story, but is there anything else that other X - MEN members quietly appear?

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