Terminator's sales rights are transferred and a new trilogy is planned to be produced

BeforeProduction of "Terminator 4" has almost been finalizedWe talked with GIGAZINE, but the producer abandoned the production and said that the sales right was transferred. About terminator 4 it seems that production based on the already written script based on release in summer 2009 is started.

Details are below.
New "Terminator" Trilogy Planned (May 10th 2007)

"Halcyon" who got the right seems to also produce a new trilogy. Regarding the production, "Terminator" director James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger are not involved. I feel like I'm already completely different movies ....

The right acquired this time also includes licenses for televisions other than movies, so Halcyon will handle the TV series "The Sarah Connor Chronicles", which will be an episode between "Terminator 2" and "Terminator 3" It is going to be.

For terminator 4 please refer to the following.

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