The release date of the theater version "X-file" sequel is decided

Previously I talked about GIGAZINEContinuation of "X-file"However, it is said that the date of release was decided at last.

In addition, there is no change in past works and casts.

Details are as follows.
'X-Files' sequel is set for July

X-Files Marks Spot for Release - Yahoo! News

According to this article, the sequel movie of "X-file" cranked in Vancouver, Canada in December of next month and it is said that it will be released nationwide on July 25 next year.

Director is Chris Carter, creator of the "X-file" series, David Ducavny serving as Mulder and Gillian Anderson serving as Scully will return. Incidentally, the story and title are not clear, but it is one talk complete type, and the relation between Mulder and Scully will show a new development.

Will it be published in Japan about one year later? For the X - file, the following link is detailed.

X file - Wikipedia

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