Clearly the Amazon version `` Lord of the Ring '' is planned to be released immediately in season 2

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Amazon Studios, which produces original video content for Prime Video , Amazon's video streaming service, is a feature novel `` The Ring Story '' by JR R. Tolkien, the original of the movie `` The Lord of the Rings '' ”Has already been made clear. This Amazon version of the Ring is reported to have been timed so that Season 2 can be released immediately after Season 1.

'The Lord Of the Rings' Series Gets Early Season 2 Renewal By Amazon, Sets Season 1 Hiatus? Deadline

Amazon's Lord Of The Rings Show Renewed For Season 2-GameSpot

Deadline, which reports entertainment-related news, reports that Amazon Studios is pre-production in New Zealand to visualize Amazon's Lord of the Rings as a TV series. According to Deadline, the Amazon version of the Ring is scheduled to shoot on a schedule that allows Season 2 to be released relatively early after Season 1 is released.

Amazon Studios is the supervision of the Amazon version of Lord of the Rings, the movie ' Kingdom of the Jurassic World / flame of' Juan Antonio Bayona said, show runner and Mr. J · D · pane, Executive Producer, screenplay It has already been reported that Mr. Patrick McKay was appointed. According to the latest report, Payne and McKay's script team has already completed most of the two seasons of the script.

Also, the filming schedule adopted in the movie “Lord of the Rings” is that the first two episodes of season 1 are filmed, then a rest period of 4 to 5 months is set, and then the remaining episodes are shot. Expected to be adopted. With this shooting schedule, the completion of season 1 and season 2 will be close, and the series will be released in as short a span as possible.

In addition, Amazon Studios acquired the right to visualize the ring story in November 2017 for $ 250 million (about 27 billion yen), and the official Twitter of the Amazon version of the Ring has already been established It is.

Even the visualization of the ring story by Amazon Studios, the stage of the story is in Middle-earth, and an adventure with a 'travel companion' is drawn. However, Deadline notes that a new story will be developed. As for details regarding the cast, it is reported that Will Poulter , Markera Cabena , and Joseph Mole will appear, but other details are unknown at the time of writing the article.

The official Twitter account of Lord of the Rings for Amazon posted a tweet that quoted a passage from The Road Goes Ever On, a poem sung by Bilbo Baggins in the ring story, in response to Deadline's report. doing.

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