NEC drives 14.5 hours, announcing a lightweight notebook PC that self-heals scratches on the body

NEC recently announced 12 types and 30 models of notebook PCs, including VersaPro series for business laptops equipped with Intel's CentrinoPro processor technology, one of them, the shipment started on the 15th To be "VersaPro UltraLite Type VCDespite having the latest CPU, it was a lightweight mobile laptop that can withstand up to 14.5 hours driving, weight 938 g, 150 kg pressure.

Even just that, it is amazing specs, but this "VersaPro UltraLite type VC" seems to have a function to self-repair rubbing scratches etc. on the top board. What is it ...?

Details are as follows.
UltraLite Type VC | VersaPro | Business PC | NEC 8th Avenue

According to this page, "VersaPro UltraLite Type VC" has Intel's Ultra Low Voltage Version Core 2 Duo "U7500 (1.06 GHz)" as its CPU and the onboard 512 MB of memory, the HDD has 1.8 inches It can be loaded with 40 GB or 2.5 GB of 40 GB. The liquid crystal is 12.1 inches. And it will drive up to 14.5 hours when using lithium ion battery (L) and Windows XP Professional.

In addition to adopting thin-walled magnesium die-casting as the material of the main body, it also includes a Shock absorber structure to protect the HDD, a reinforced USB connector that supports 10,000 insertions and removals, an acceleration sensor to protect the HDD at the time of falling, a robust design of 150 kg, Various ingenuity is given.

And the other installed functions are recovered with the passage of time even if the top board is scratched "Scratch repair functionThat's right. By incorporating a special resin in the painted part and making it a high density network structure, shallow scratches on the painted surface are recovered and the top plate's shininess is maintained. However, deep scratches that the paint itself will peel off or restoration will not be done if the paint itself is disconnected.

Like this. Scratches recovered over time.

Such a robust design and recovery of scratches may be wonderful for those who often carry laptop computers from usual times.

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By the way, it seems that this feature was also adopted in "LaVie G type J" announced in January this year.

Details are as follows.

Commercialization of individual personal computer with Windows Vista (January 15, 2007): Press Release | NEC

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