Thorough photos reviews of "VersaPro UltraLite type VC" peripheral equipment

In the previous articleWe delivered a photo report of "VersaPro UltraLite Type VC", a lightweight notebook computer capable of self-repairing scratches, capable of driving up to 14.5 hoursHowever, since I borrowed this time, peripheral equipment such as a large capacity lithium ion battery and DVD multi drive was included, so I will introduce it with a photo.

Details are as follows.
USB mouse.

Battery pack (L). It has twice the capacity of standard battery pack (M). The weight (M) is about 215 g, while (L) is 435 g.

I turned it over.

I compared it with the battery pack (M).

I installed it.

Although it was flat when the battery pack (M) was installed, it is possible to incline considerably by attaching (L).

I just opened it.

USB-FDD drive.

It is DVD multi drive.

The connector on the back side is like this. There is no AC input.

This is the USB cable that connects the main unit and the DVD multi-drive.

The top is a connector for supplying power from the main body with USB bus power, and the bottom is USB miniB connector.

I actually connected with VersaPro UltraLite type VC.

It is also possible to set it upright using the stand.

I told that it is very light in appearance in the previous article, but when I loaded the battery pack (L), it felt heavy heavily. However, by combining with a standard battery, it is possible to realize a driving time close to the whole day of 21 hours or more, so it is very reliable when you need to use a laptop computer for a long time in a place without power supply maybe.

Also, although it is a DVD multi-drive, it seems that it was okay to be able to use the AC adapter in places where power can be secured.

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