SONY releases 12.1-inch VAIO "type G" for business use, the world's lightest 898 grams

It is lightweight and it is a laptop computer that uses carbon material with superior strength than magnesium alloy, so it can withstand the plane pressure of 120 kgf. By the way, this carbon material is also used for jet machines and so on. Over-the-counter sales models are "VGN-G1KAP" and "VGN-G1LAP", released on December 2nd. Estimated market price is "VGN-G1KAP" around 245,000 yen, "VGN-G1LAP" around 215,000 yen.

Details are as follows.Released the world's lightest weight of 898 g, 12.1 type VAIO "type G" for light business applications

898 g is when you select "VGN-G 1 LAP" optical drive without battery drive (S), but it seems that the operation time is still 6 hours. Moreover, it does not concentrate pressure on one point, it has a flat structure to disperse, a function to protect HDD at fall by an acceleration sensor, a new structure to disperse shock to liquid crystal, etc. are adopted. Is it still a position as a competing horse to Let'snote?

Pretty slim impression

When I look at this way, it's a normal laptop computer

The top board seems to be beautifully processed, indeed VAIO

Viewed from the side. The liquid crystal is very thin.

Carrying cover (Bitter Brown)

carrying case

Privacy filter

Rechargeable Battery Pack (S) (L)

AC Adapter

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