Dual core Atom, high-end model "E series" equipped with large capacity SSD "S series" appear in September

Low-priced notebook computer "EeePC" latest model "EeePC 901"Has been on sale since July 12, but the sale origin ASUS seems to intend to release the high-end model" S series "in September as well.

In spite of being suitable for calling "high end" such as adopting a dual-core Atom processor, large capacity SSD, in addition to realizing battery performance that can withstand practical use, it has an amazing low price Is realized.

Details are as follows.
Asustek preps launch of Ultimate and Pro Fashion Eee PCs; prices to hit US $ 700 or more

According to this article, ASUS will also use a dual-core Atom processor, 32 GB SSD or 120 GB HDD, a low-power 10.1 inch 16: 9 wide liquid crystal adopting LED backlight as early as late September, 4 to 5 It is said that they are planning to announce the high-end EeePC "S series" equipped with a time-driveable battery.

It is already predicted that Taiwanese LCD panel makers will produce liquid crystals to be mounted on the EeePC "S series", and the design of the chassis (frame part) can be strengthened from the relationship of liquid crystal durability Sex is suggested.

In addition, although it is an interesting price, it is between 700 and 900 dollars (about 75,400 yen to about 97,000 yen). Considering that "EeePC 901" is sold for 59,800 yen, this price is phenomenal despite the high-end model ....

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