Following ASUS's "EeeBox" Acer launched a compact low-cost desktop PC with a slightly different flavor

ASUS famous for low-priced notebook PC "EeePC" series, which caused a major boom, last month,Low-priced desktop personal computer "EeeBox"Although released, low-priced notebook PC "Aspire One" against Eee PC is showing higher sales than ASUS Acer seems to be releasing a similar low price desktop computer.

Also, the model to be released will be a bit different.

Details are as follows.
Acer considering launch of non-Atom nettop in early 2009

According to this article, Acer is planning to release a low price desktop PC in early 2009.

The size is planned to be about 1 liter as the size of EeeBox, and production will be undertaken by either Quanta Computer, Wistron, MSI.

In addition, because "Aspire One" is predicted to sell 1200 to 13 million units in 2009, it adopts VIA or AMD CPU instead of Intel's Atom processor so as not to affect processor supply It seems to think about doing.

I am concerned not only with the price but also how it affects performance not to be equipped with the Atom processor adopted by many manufacturers, but what kind of models will be appearing?

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