The world's first Chinese scientist to edit a human embryo is missing, and the whereabouts of the baby are unknown

In 2018, Chinese scientists announced that they conducted the world's first experiment to genetically manipulate fertilized human eggs using genome sequence editing technology. The announcement has received a great deal of criticism from around the world, revealing that the Chinese government has targeted scientists. However, even 10 months after the scientist disappeared, the whereabouts of the scientist are unknown, and it is reported that the twin babies who became the world's first designer babies are also missing.

One Year After The'CRISPR Babies' Scandal, The Chinese Scientist Is Still Missing

In November 2018, Southern University of Science and Technology biologist He Jiankui announced on YouTube that 'the gene editing technology CRISPR / Cas-9 has given birth to twin girls who are congenitally HIV resistant.' .. After that, at an international conference held in Hong Kong in late November 2018, Mr. Ka officially announced his research results. However, shortly after the presentation at the international conference, scientists around the world issued a joint statement saying, 'We should verify Mr. Ka's gene editing experiments,' along with strong criticism of Mr. Ka's research team.

Chinese scientists announced that 'genome editing will give birth to twin girls with HIV resistance', and there are strong doubts about ethics and content --GIGAZINE

Mr. Ka said, 'We plan to release the data of the gene editing experiment eventually.' However, in response to the concentration of criticism from all over the world, the Chinese government ordered Mr. Ka to stop the research. It turned out.

Chinese government orders a team of scientists claiming 'the birth of the world's first gene-edited baby' to stop research --GIGAZINE

After that, a survey by the Chinese government confirmed the existence of genome-edited twins. It was reported that Mr. Ka was dismissed from Southern University of Science and Technology and was investigated by the Chinese police. As of January 2019, it has already been reported that 'Mr. Ka is under house arrest or is being detained by the police,' but Southern University of Science and Technology has denied this.

Chinese scientists who confirmed the existence of genome-edited twins in China and conducted clinical trials are subject to police investigation --GIGAZINE

According to science media Science Alert, Mr. Ka hasn't appeared in public at all since he was spotted on the balcony of his apartment in January 2019. In addition, the experimental data that was said to be released has not been announced, and it seems that the essential health condition and whereabouts of the twins are completely unknown.

After confirming the existence of the twins, the Chinese government reportedly seized all edited embryos and records left in Mr. Ka's lab. According to Mr. Ka's announcement, a third genetically edited baby should have been born in the summer of 2019, but it is not clear at all whether it was born safely after that.

Ryan Ferrell, who was in charge of media support for Mr. Ka, said he declined to comment when asked about Mr. Ka's current situation by the media. However, Mr. Ferrel revealed that he received the reward that was supposed to be paid from Mr. Ka's wife instead of Mr. Ka, and Science Alert said, 'Mr. Ka may no longer be able to pay the reward himself.' I'm guessing.

Jennifer Dauna, a CRISPR / Cas9 researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, said, 'The moratorium is no longer sufficient and needs regulation,' and the next experiment in which Russian scientists already edit the genes of human embryos. He pointed out that he was proposing and demanded that regulators in all countries not allow such experiments. 'The temptation to tinker with embryo, egg, and sperm DNA remains,' Dauna said.

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