Chinese scientists announced that 'twin girls with HIV resistance in genome editing are born', and there are also views of strong doubts on ethical aspects and contents

China scientists announced that twin girls who genetically engineered using the technology " CRISPR-Cas 9 " that can freely replace DNA genomic sequence were born. Researchers claim that babies "Rusutu (Lulu)" and "Nana (Nana)" which are resistant to HIV by gene manipulation were born, but the papers are published in peer reviewed journals There is a question of voices in its contents because it is not, and there are also severe criticisms that "there is an ethical problem".

Chinese researcher claims first gene-edited babies

He made a presentation, Deputy Professor He Jiankui of Nanhata University of Science and Technology. In the movie below, Mr. Ha discusses the background of the experiment and its meaning.

About Lulu and Nana: Twin Girls Born Healthy After Gene Surgery As Single - Cell Embryos - YouTube

Seven pairs of couples are cooperating in the experiment, and artificial insemination that injects the sperm of the husband parent into the ovum collected from the mother's womb is done. Mr. Ha said that by performing genetic manipulation when performing artificial insemination, it closed the "door" where AIDS virus enters cells. Mr. Ha confirmed that fertilization was confirmed and that there was no abnormality in the early stages of fertilized egg growth, Mr. Ya returned the fertilized egg to the mother's womb.

After that, from one mother, twin babies were born around the beginning of November 2018, and it was confirmed that there was no problem with health checks. In addition, Mr. Ha insists that the twin genes were also examined, and no abnormality was confirmed in addition to the part related to HIV resistance.

However, as for the act of Mr. Haga criticism from the scientific community erupted. Severe criticism that "Experiments on human beings" is also being received in experiments which were advanced ignoring ethical problems completely.

AIDS immunized baby birth = condemnation on genetic manipulation ejection - China picture 1 international news: AFPBB News 3199232

122 Chinese and Chinese scientists from abroad and abroad announced a condemnation statement under a joint name in an attempt to ignore ethical problems. Authorities are also calling for a big ripple to investigate.

However, I have not undergone ethical procedures and the university of Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province belongs to me, denied any involvement. The condemnation statement of the Chinese scientist condemns "It is a human experiment that can only describe as being crazy" and "the risk to human beings as a whole is immeasurable."

According to Mr. Haga, the twin father is named "Mark" and he is an HIV-infected person. Mr. Mark, who thought that he could not possess children anymore due to his own illness, said Mr. Mr. Mark, who is extremely pleased to be able to give children through this experiment. Mr. Ha emphasizes "Historical step using genetic recombination technology in the field of disease prevention", but it is natural that Mr. Ha's efforts to completely ignore the view of the current scientific community are gathered It seems to be said to be the result of.

Mr. Ha is planning to announce details such as experimental data at the international conference on genome editing held in Hong Kong from 27th to 29th November 2018.

In China, "twins with HIV immunity" was born and reported genome editing: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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