Toward the formulation of guidelines for manipulating human genes, stopping at 'human genetic manipulation' that has stepped into the taboo area

ByStuart Caie

With the development of genetic engineering, humans put hands in hand to manipulate the genes that form the basis of life. In particular, although direct manipulation of human genes has been avoided in particular, in April 2015, a paper that breaks the taboo is finally released, and a worldwide controversy is brewed. In response to this, there is a movement to develop guidelines for manipulating human genes from among scientists, and movements trying to prohibit the operation itself are also being seen.

US science academies take on human-genome editing: Nature News & amp; Comment

Scientists Seek Ban on Method of Editing the Human Genome -

April 2015, almost unnamed science magazine "Protein & amp; CellIn the paper published in "The Chinese research team is the world's first genetic engineering for human fertilized eggsIt was announced that it was done. In this experiment mainly conducted by Nakayama University in Guangzhou city, ChinaCRISPR-Cas 9Genetic manipulation using technology called technique is being carried out, but as the attempt to have the potential to be handed over to the future generations of manipulating genes of fertilized eggs was carried out, scientists and It is said that many voices of objections are raised among ethicologists.

"Human fertilized egg genes" as "editing", scientists from around the world to China research 1 pictures International news: AFPBB News

Following this trend,National Academy of Sciences(NAS) andAmerican Medical Research Institute(NAM) announced on May 18 that it will launch a concept on the formulation of guidelines on the manipulation of human genes. In the fall of 2015, an international conference of NAS will be held and the working group will be launched in a few months and investigation and discussion on ethics, law, society, science, etc. will be promoted .

Among scientists and ethicalists, negative opinions have been given to continuing research on genetic manipulation using human fertilized eggs as announced in April, while ethical and legal It has also raised some opinion that further discussion should be deepened about the research up to the stage before returning the fertilized egg to the human body after improving aspects. In many countries it is clearly forbidden to manipulate the human germ line and in the United States it is forbidden to apply the state budget to those studies. However, it seems to be said that it is interesting that the fact that it is legal at most state levels also exists on the other hand.

ByMicah Baldwin

The NAS was held in 1975 on this situation we are currently working onAsilomatic conferenceIt is similar to the situation of. In the era of DNA research in 1975 at that time, discussions were made at the conference as to whether scientists should step on the "divine realm" of genetic modification. This conference is memorized as a major event remaining in the history of science that scientists quest for social responsibility even though they abandon research freedom.

However, NAS's Ralph Cisseron chairman says that there is a fundamentally big difference in the 2015 stage when genetic technology further developed from there. At the time of 1975 there were still few institutions that can conduct genetic level research, and it is still a genetic world that scientists have not been able to reach easily yet, but in 2015 anyone can easily reach the world if they have facilities It can be said that it is. It is a situation that it can be said that the hurdle of regulation is lower than at that time due to the physical distance feeling becoming close.

In any case, it is the situation where the development of genetic technology finally arrived, and from now it seems that there is no doubt that it is necessary to advance research with carefulness beyond the conventional point. At the end of the genetic research that entered into the area of ​​God and beyond that, it seems that great interest will gather from all over the world.


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