The Chinese government ordered a scientific team that 'claims the birth of the world's first genetic editing baby' to stop research

by thierry ehrmann

A Chinese scientist claimed to have created a baby who edited genes for the first time in the world, and the executives of the Chinese government ordered a research team that conducted genetic editing experiments in response to the interview of the TV station to interrupt the research It is reported that it was.

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On November 25, 2018, Deputy Professor He Jiankui of Nanbu Institute of Technology got through YouTube "Successfully created twins that are resistant to HIV using genetic editing technology" CRISPR-Cas 9 " I announced. Experiments that produce genetic editing techniques for human embryos to produce designer babies still have many discussions about ethical issues, and Mr. Ha's presentation focuses on surprises and criticism from all over the world did.

Chinese scientists announced that "twin girls with HIV tolerance by genetic editing are born" and a view of strong doubts on ethical aspects and contents - GIGAZINE

Xu Nanping, China's Deputy Minister of Science and Technology on 29th November 2018 said in a news of China Central Television Station (CCTV) that "Twin girls genetically edited in early November 2018 were born I am strongly opposed to the coverage of the company. " Furthermore, Mr. Xu said, "Genetic editing experiments against twins are beyond moral and ethical lines that the academic community adhered to and are shocking and unacceptable," and the behavior of the research team is illegal and unacceptable He said that he ordered the cancellation of the study. However, he did not mention what kind of investigation the research team received specifically.

At the international conference on genetic editing held in Hong Kong from 27th to 29th November 2018, 14 medical scientists and biological scientists announced a joint statement . In the statement, "At this international conference, there was an unexpected and terribly annoying claim that twins were born as human embryos were edited and transplanted.I verified this claim and that the DNA modifications that were announced are truly I will recommend independent research evaluation to see if it is happening, "he said of the need to verify twin genetic editing experiments.

In the joint statement, "even if DNA modification by genetic editing is accepted, the procedure is irresponsible and does not comply with international norms, including deficient medical indications, inappropriate Research protocols designed for the research subjects, not meeting the ethical standards for protecting the welfare of the research subjects, and lack of transparency in the development, review and implementation of clinical procedures, "a study conducted on genetic editing experiments I strongly criticize the team.

by The National Academies

Dr. David Baltimore , a professor of the International Conference , Professor of California Institute of Technology, touched this issue with a greeting on the first day of the international conference, saying, "The scientific community obeys guidelines and norms is extremely natural."

by The National Academies

In addition, some prominent scientists say that this case is not enough for the police, and it is necessary to establish strict principles and regulations. Meanwhile, Alta Charo, a bioethicographer and attorney at the University of Wisconsin at the University of Wisconsin, said, "The experiments claimed by Mr. Ga can be sufficiently blocked against the already existing rules. I think that it is not of the scientific community but the problem of Mr. Haga himself who conducted the experiment. "

Mr. Mr. Yaga arguing that the experiment was done said that it would announce the results such as experimental data at this international conference, but according to the news reports, he has already left Hong Kong and through a public relations agent "I stayed at home in my hometown, I fully cooperate with all questions concerning my research and I am announcing a statement that my experimental data will be available for review by third parties.

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