Chinese scientists who confirmed the existence of twins genomically edited in China and conducted clinical experiments are subject to police investigation

As a result of preliminary survey conducted by China and Guangdong Province on Chinese scientists who conducted experiments using human genome editing technology for human embryos for the first time in the world, it turned out that the twins that were genomically edited existed It was. In addition, clinical experiments revealed that there are women pregnant with genome-edited babies. Guangdong Province officially acknowledged that clinical experiments performed by scientists were facts. Scientists who conducted the experiment are reportedly being dismissed from the university and subject to investigation by the Chinese police as subject to punishment.

China confirms birth of gene-edited babies, blames scientist He Jiankui for breaking rules | South China Morning Post

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On November 25, 2018, researcher at Nanbu Institute of Technology , Mr. He Jiankui, said on YouTube that "genomic editing technology" CRISPR - Cas 9 "will be used to produce congenitally HIV - resistant twins It was successful. " Despite the many ethical problems involved in experiments using human embryos, despite the fact that many discussions are still being repeated, voices of criticism gathered from scientists from around the world to announce Mr. Ha who ignored them all.

Chinese scientists announced that "Twin girls with HIV resistance in genome editing are born", and also views on strong ethical aspects and contents - GIGAZINE

Whether it took heavy criticism from the world, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology of China said that "Genetic editing baby's experiment is illegal and unacceptable," said in the TV program. It is clear that the Chinese authorities ordered a research team led by Mr. Iga to suspend research and put a female of investigation.

Chinese government orders scientists team to claim "to break the world's first genetic editing baby" cease research - GIGAZINE

On January 21, 2019, the investigation team in Guangdong released the results of the preliminary survey to the Chinese media. The investigative team said, "In order to genetically edit human embryos, while intentionally avoiding monitoring, Mr. Ya organized a project team including foreign staff and used technologies with uncertain safety and effectiveness "I pointed out that" I tried clinical experiments with funds that I had self-procured from where to pursue my own fame. " In the survey results, staff and organizations related to Mr. and Mr. Yaga's projects will be punished by laws and regulations, and it is believed that full-scale investigation by the police will begin from now .

Mr. Ha invited eight pairs of couples as subjects from March 2017 to November 2018, two of which are pregnant. One of the two mothers birthed twins "Rusutu (Lulu)" and "Nana (Nana)" and another mother has not given birth. The twins have already been identified by the investigation team and Lulu and Nana will be under medical supervision of the Guangdong Provincial People's Government. Also, it has been found that the ethics review committee of the hospital that approved Mr. Ya's research was not registered with the health authorities of Shenzhen.

After accepting the findings, Minami University of Science and Technology received the findings, "Nanbu Institute of Technology terminates the work contract with Mr. Haga and ends all education and research activities within the university," says Mr. Haga's dismissal in 2019 1 We announced on the 21st of the month.

Southern University of Science and Technology Public Statement - In the Focus - SUSTC

Mr. Kaga did not appear since he announced his achievement at the international conference held in Hong Kong in November 2018, and some media organizations said, "Mr. Ga is arrested by house arrest or police However, Nanbu Science University has denied Mr. Ha detention.

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