Using genomic editing technology 'CRISPR / Cas 9', it turned out that 86 genetic modifications were already made in China

byNic Low

For technology to modify human genes, ethical problems are pointed out, and in the United States in 2017Genetic modification of human embryos by genome editingWas finally implemented, while three previous cases were already reported in China. However, in fact, China has done ahead of it, and it became clear that genomic editing was applied to 86 people since 2015.

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It was confirmed in 2012 that genetic modification is possible with "CRISPR / Cas9". In ChinaAnhui Ke Man Biological Technology Co., Ltd.Started testing with a hospital in 2015 from a startup company called.

As mentioned earlier, at the time when the research team of Oregon Health Sciences University of the United States of America conducted the first genome editing in 2017, three cases were already reported in China, but due to the Wall Street Journal , And in the past it has been genomic editing for 86 subjects in China.

In other countries, there are severe restrictions on genome editing for humans due to ethical problems, etc. In China, regulation by the authorities is not done, and in 2016 "Genome editing" has been included in the five-year plan of the country It is built in and seems to be rather promoting. Actually, the example has been increasing rapidly since this five-year plan was launched.

Scientists are saying that they are concerned, because it is expected that a breakthrough due to genome editing is expected for diseases for which effective treatments have not been found, while possibly suffering great disadvantages.

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