MOYA `` carry cart '' review that can carry large luggage with large capacity and can be stored compactly, also useful as a chair

There are many carry carts for carrying heavy loads, but there are also many problems such as being troublesome to clean up and being troubled by the storage location.

MOYA 's “ Carry Cart ” can be easily and compactly stored with a load capacity of 55 kg, and it can also be used as a chair.

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You can check how the carry cart with a capacity of 50L can be stored in the pettan in a few seconds from the following movie.

MOYA `` carry cart '' completed in 13 seconds-YouTube

Open the cardboard box that arrived at the editorial department ...

Contains a carry cart. There was no cushioning material.

The contents are carry cart body, lid, and instructions. Since the capacity of the carry cart can be selected from 30L and 50L, this time we purchased 50L.

The body is made of polyethylene and can stand up in its folded state. There is a handle on the top of the body ...

The back side looks like this. From the back, you can see that there are two auxiliary wheels in addition to the two larger wheels at the bottom of the body.

There is a caster stopper between the wheels.

The direction of the larger wheels is fixed, but ...

Auxiliary wheels can rotate 360 degrees.

On the side there is a fastener for folding the carry cart.

The lid attached to the carry arrived separately from the main body. There is no pattern on the top.

The back is like this.

The key part in the center is ...

It can be hooked on the basket of the carry cart.

When hooked, it looks like this and can be stored compactly even when the lid is not in use.

There are irregularities on the side to catch the carry cart fastener.

The manual is written in Chinese, but the assembly is explained with illustrations, so it can be assembled even if you cannot read Chinese.

To assemble the carry cart, first remove the fasteners ...

Open the carry cart basket sideways.

Since the parts that become the bottom come out, put your finger on the dent in the red frame part ...

Pull it out toward you.

Place the bottom.

Slide the red frame lock to the center of the side so that the side does not break.

You can lock like this.

To pull out the handle, push and pull the red frame button.

The handle length can be adjusted in two stages. The lock to fasten the handle will fit into the hole in the red frame.

When the handle is locked, a metal protrusion will appear like a red frame. When the button on the handle is pressed, the protrusion retracts and the handle can be expanded and contracted.

When closing the lid, set it so that the part with the unevenness in the red frame comes to the position of the handle.

There is a fastener just below the handle, so push it in until you hear a click.

Here is the assembled carry cart. The size of the basket is 48cm x 42cm x 44cm and the capacity is 50L.

The fasteners can be removed with just a little effort, so even children can easily assemble. The assembly time is around 15 seconds if you get used to it. The state of assembly can also be confirmed in the following movie.

MOYA `` carry cart '' that can be assembled in 18 seconds-YouTube

When an editorial staff with a height of 153cm stands next to the carry cart, it looks like this. If you extend the handle, the height will be 101cm.

Since the corners are rounded, it is less likely to get hurt if people hit it.

2L plastic bottles are high enough to enter.

The rotation of the wheel is smooth and stable, and the sound of the wheel turning on a flat road is quiet and unnoticeable.

The load-carrying capacity is 55kg, and you can sit down with the lid closed. If you take it to camp, you can use it as a chair or table.

Since there is a handle on the side, it can be lifted and carried in places with steps.

Even if you hold the handle, the step can go up, but the wheel stopper is a little painful for the calf, so when you go up the stairs, it is recommended to have a handle on the basket.

If it was a baggage of about 10 kg, it was lifted even with a handle, but when I packed up about 15 kg of documents and carried it up, when I lifted it up with a handle, the handle part made a mischievous and dangerous sound , It seems better to carry with the handle on the side when you put a baggage of 10kg or more.

MOYA's carry cart is developed in six colors, yellow, orange, blue, red, yellow 2, red 2, and at the time of article creation, 30L can be purchased at 4680 yen including tax, 50L including 5680 yen including tax It was.

Amazon | Carry Cart Foldable Four Wheels 360 Degree Rotation Quiet Large Capacity 30L 50L with Cover Easy Assembly Compact Storage Outdoor All 6 Colors | MOYA | Carry Cart

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