I tried using a bicycle stand of Minora that will allow you to put a bicycle freely vertically

I would have bought my favorite road bike or cross bikes, but I am worried that my bike stand can not be installed or there are a lot of people who are hesitant to keep them outdoors. In such a case it is a comprehensive brand for bicycle supplies that is convenientMinoraThere is a line-up storage stand "DS-2100"is. This stand which can keep the bicycle in two ways, vertical and horizontal, is a product that has received many high reviews on Amazon, so I tried how to actually use it.


The DS-2100 stand can store the bicycle both in a vertical position and in a horizontal position. When putting the wheel on the base part and keeping the bicycle upright, hook the front wheel to the red hook at the tip of the tall bar and fix it.

Using the DS-2100 put the road bike in the space at the entrance and it is like this. It is now possible to easily store even road bikes that do not have a stand type.

It is convenient because it can park even in the horizontal place without using the top hook. Even with this condition well adjusted, it was possible to keep it almost without grip.

Arrived with Amazon packed in a cardboard box.

The parts look like this. Each part is packed almost in a disjointed state.

Although it is necessary to assemble by yourself, there is almost no worry of getting lost because the illustration's illustration is easy to understand.

This is the top hook that hooks the front wheels. Since the soft material of urethane foam is wrapped around the part where the wheel contacts, there is no worry that it will suddenly get scratched

It is like this when assembling only the base part. It is also possible to use it as a horizontally dedicated stand in this state.

Temporarily put it in the assembled state and it looks like this. Since the tire receiver supporting the rear wheel feels ugly, it is necessary to adjust according to the actual vehicle.

Since the tire receiver is only fixed by tightening the two screws, it is possible to easily change the position by loosening the screw on the back side

Set up so that the tires get in close contact with the three tire holders by adjusting well. When adjusted well, I could fix it in a condition that I did not even get big with contact.

By the way, if it is a 700 × 23C size tire, the lower tire receiver needs to be slightly shifted upward, and eventually it was about this position.

Finally assembling is completed when attaching the tire support upper strut. The time required was about 15 minutes while shooting.

Try putting a bicycle like this. This bicycle has become a frame of 520 mm size and the upper hook is also hooked without problems. If it is a road bike, it seems to be able to put it almost without any worry, but in the case of a bicycle with a large size such as 29 inch MTB, it is possible to respond by using an optional vertical support extension bar.

The merit of the DS - 2100 is that it is possible to place a bicycle upright in a narrow place like this place, so the storage efficiency is up.

Also, when laying horizontally it was possible to put the front wheel on this way. Even if it is difficult to put in from the rear wheel because it is small enough to store it, it seems that it can be stored with high degree of freedom.

Furthermore, it is OK to put it in a room where you usually live, so it seems convenient for keeping your bicycle in your own room or bringing it to the office by bicycle commuting.

In addition, since the clip that prevents the fall of the stand is included in the product, you can also prepare the screws and strap yourself and connect it to the wall. It is a safe part in many places such as indoors.

MINOURA's autonomous vertical and horizontal storage stand "DS-2100" is sold at a fixed price of 10,400 yen. At the time of writing the article was sold at 12,200 yen, about 30% off at Amazon.

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