I tried using a 'like-it door hook' that can be used as a rack for jackets and bags without damaging the door and has increased storage capacity.

If you are renting, it may be difficult to secure storage space because there is a restriction that you must not damage the walls and doors. When I was looking for a way to secure storage space without occupying the floor as much as possible, I found a ' like-it door hook ' that makes the door rack so that you can hang your jacket or bag, so actually I bought it and checked its usability.

Amazon.co.jp: like-it Living storage door hook (normal hook 6 pieces) Beige Door support up to 240 cm in height NDH-01: Home & Kitchen

This is the like-it door hook that arrived.

The back side shows that the available door sizes are up to 25mm-40mm thick and 2400mm high. A space of 2 mm or more is required above and below the door, but if those conditions are met, it seems that it can be used in any place such as a closet or a front door.

Inside the box was a belt and mounting hardware.

The belt was fixed with rubber, so let's untie it. There are 6 resin hooks per belt.

The hook will slide on the belt if the lock is not fixed, but ...

If you fix the lock like this, it will be difficult to move.

The point is that the like-it door hook can be attached without damaging the door by using the attached mounting bracket. There are two mounting brackets with a width of 30 mm and two with a width of 40 mm, which can be used according to the thickness of the door.

So, I will actually install it. I try not to bring anything I wore when I went out, such as my jacket or bag, before the entrance, but if I do so, luggage will accumulate in front of the shoe box, occupying the entrance and making it difficult to open the shoe box door. was doing.

Then for installation work. First, pass the red belt stopper through the tip of the belt.

There are two rectangular holes in the mounting bracket, so pass the belt through the upper hole from below ...

Fold it back and pass it through the hole below.

Finally, you can stack the belts with the belt stopper.

Hook this on the top of the shoe box door.

Then adjust the positions of the resin hooks so that they are evenly spaced.

The door was taller than the belt, so there was a lot of extra belt on the floor.

Attach the metal fittings to the tip of this belt as before.

When I put the metal fittings on the bottom of the door, there was a lot of belt left over ...

You can cut unnecessary parts. Installation is now complete. There are no particularly difficult tasks, so the installation will be completed in about 5 minutes.

Even if you actually put on your bag, the resin hook will not shift.

I was also able to hang a bag with luggage weighing about 1 kg.

Seen from the side, it looks like this. The hook fell a little before by hooking the bag, but it held the bag firmly.

In addition, I will put a PC weighing 1 kg in my bag.

When you let go ...

As expected, it slipped off. Note that the load capacity of each hook is 1.5 kg, and you cannot put a bag that is too heavy.

When I put the luggage in front of the shoe box back on the like-it door hook, it looks like this. By not putting anything on the floor, the entrance space has become wider, and I don't feel sad because my luggage is in the way and it's difficult to open the shoe box. Also, if you concentrate the hanger with your jacket on one hook, it is difficult to take it out, but with a like-it door hook, you can see what is where in one shot, so you can take out your jacket quickly. Luggage did not fall when opening and closing the door.

In addition, like-it door hooks can be purchased on Amazon for 1080 yen each.

Amazon.co.jp: like-it Living storage door hook (normal hook 6 pieces) Beige Door support up to 240 cm in height NDH-01: Home & Kitchen

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