"Risers" which embodies the idea that it should be useful if it can move without getting off the platform

Although it often happens that the hand does not reach the high place due to replacement of the light bulb, repainting of the walls, washing of the car, etc. However, if you use the springboard, you have to move the platform every time you move the place. "If so, you do not have to let me walk on the table while you are on the ride," an idea issued, a stepboard that you can put on from the shoes "Risers"is.

Quirky - Risers

The size is 376 mm in height × 193 mm in width × 415 mm in depth. When not in use it can be stored in layers like this.

I will put on Risers on my feet wearing shoes. Because it fixes with a strap, regardless of the size of the foot.

When washing the car with Risers, you can wash it to the place where you did not reach it until now.

You can take the baggage on the top of the shelf or reprint the wall near the ceiling without using a springboard. Also, I will not force you to fly away from the platform trying to extend my hand to a distant place.

Risers will make it easier to clean up, wash cars and organize luggage more smoothly than ever before.

Risers is currently under consideration for commercialization. It is undecided how much it will actually be made or how much the price will be.

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