Push pin like a screw to pierce the noticing wall so that it does not come off "Tackits"

Even if you paste a calendar or cork board on the wall with a pin, the push pin will come off quickly with the weight of the stuck object, and furthermore I will feel a painful trampling down the falling push pin ... It tends to happen. Even if you are familiar with stationery etc, although it is often easy to use it with a little ingenuity, it was designed to firmly screw the push pin firmly off the wall in such a way as to "Tackits"is.

Quirky - Tackits

It seems like an ordinary push pin, but the base of the needle is like a screw.

I will screw this into a wall. For easier twisting, the head of the push pin is flat design.

If you catch a calendar or corkboard here, you can do it. Since the push pin is screwed firmly into the wall, it is okay if you hang a heavy object.

Since the head of the push pin is scratched, it is also possible to attach a hook.

Even if you hang a picture in a row like this, it is a little dirty.

The size is 29 mm in length and 21 mm in width.

The price has yet to be determined,HereWe are seeking a questionnaire about price with.

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