I tried drinking `` Real Gold Dragon Boost '' with a sense of energies with carefully selected 6 kinds of Oriental materials

Coca-Cola's energy drink brand “Real Gold”, “ Real Gold Dragon Boost ”, which contains six carefully selected Oriental materials, has been released since Monday, October 7, 2019. It is said that it has become an energy drink that boosts the power and sustainability from the inside as well as instantly increasing the superficial power by blending Oriental materials with the cooperation of

Yakudo in the Kampo Pharmacy I tried to see what it tasted.

Boosting power and sustainability from the inside 'Real Gold Dragon Boost' New Release: The Coca-Cola Company

The package of “Real Gold Dragon Boost” looks like this.

The dragon is unified in red that makes you feel energy on a white background, and the yellow inazuma pattern familiar in real gold is drawn.

The pull tab is also painted red.

On the side of the package, 'vitamin B group,' 'caffeine', '

arginine in addition to the components such as,' 'royal jelly,' ' Ganoderma lucidum extract' ' wolfberry extract' ' longan extract', ' Siberian ginseng extract', ' red ginseng extract' ' It was written that six kinds of oriental materials called ' Kinseng extract' were blended.

Looking at the name of the raw material, it says “Extracts from plants,” which indicates that it contains six types of oriental materials such as ginseng, red ginseng, wolfberry, longan, Siberian ginseng, and ganoderma. In the energy drink market in recent years, the proportion of consumers in their 30s and 40s has increased, and people of these ages are seeking more power and sustainability from the inside rather than instantaneous power increases. That's it. To meet these demands, “Real Gold Dragon Boost” using oriental materials has been developed.

For comparison purposes, we also purchased regular real gold (right).

Looking at the names of raw materials for ordinary real gold, in addition to ingredients familiar to energy drinks such as “Royal Jelly”, “Ginseng Extract” was included, but other Oriental materials were not included. did.

The volume of one “Real Gold Dragon Boost” is 250ml, and the calorie is 52kcal per 100ml. When converted into one, it is 130 kcal. Each 100ml contains 130mg arginine, 32mg caffeine and 9mg

niacin .

Open the tab and pour it into the glass, and the color will be light brown like barley tea.

The left is normal real gold, the right is 'real gold dragon boost'. Compared to normal yellowish real gold, “Real Gold Dragon Boost” has a rather brownish hue.

When I actually drink it, I still feel a berry-like flavor like a general energy drink. However, when compared with drinking with normal real gold, the impression that “real gold dragon boost” is more sour. While Real Gold has a strong sweetness and is popular as a juice, I felt that “Real Gold Dragon Boost” has a stronger energy drink.

'Real Gold Dragon Boost' can be purchased at retail stores nationwide from Monday, October 7, 2019, and the suggested retail price is 185 yen (excluding tax). At the time of writing the article, following the official Twitter account and tweeting, a gift plan was awarded to 100 people for one “Real Gold Dragon Boost” case.

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