I tried sleeping on "U.L. Comfort System Pad 180" that I can spend comfortably even on the ground with decoch bobo

When stretching a tent and camping outdoors it is going to go to bed on the ground, but if you have only sleeping bags at that time unevenness such as pebbles and branches hit the back and it is uncomfortable, you take away body temperature to the ground We are getting cold so we need a tool called sleeping mat.

This genre is famous for closed cell mattressesTherma RestAnd excellent in lightnessMountains and roads, High cost performanceDoppelgergerMany manufacturers are scrutinizing the outcome, such as "U.L. Comfort System Pad 180(10,000 yen including tax) "has a linking function etc. It seemed convenient for family camp etc, so we decided to actually purchase and check the sleepiness.

The package looks something like this.

The size is 180 × 50 cm wide. In addition, there are other models such as 150, 120, 90 cm in length.

Repair parts such as adhesive and tape are included.

The measured weight of only the main body and the bag is 661 grams and it is not so light as a sleeping mat.

Let's take it out of the bag.

The body looks like this.

It is designed to be compacted with plastic fasteners.

When I remove the fasteners and spread it, it looks like this.

It is Petchanko because there is no air in it.

Breathe in from this part and let the mat inflate. Although it will inflate automatically to a certain extent, since it has a habit of being stored for the first time for the first time, it is necessary to blow air firmly over 1 to 2 minutes.

When inflation finishes it is like this. Since the sponge is contained inside, the insulation property is higher than the mat which inflates with air alone.

Compared to iPhone 4 and thickness, it looks like this.

I actually expanded it.

A man with a height of about 180 cm goes to bed and sleeps like this.

When a woman whose height is about 150 cm sleeps, you can see that there is considerably more space above and below.

It is comfortable even in landscape orientation.

So let 's try experimenting with what it is all about around how much it is okay to sleep on how much decoration is actually going on.

First of all iPhone 4. Even if it is about this level, even if it is placed just under the back, I do not feel the existence.

Next is a vinyl tape. There is a feeling that there is something indeed because there are more than two centimeters in thickness, but to the extent that it gets used to it if you get used to it.

At the end I tried a flashlight. Although I feel the bulge which I have come to "here" as "Bokkatsu" on the back, I feel like it will not be possible to sleep if I can not stand it because it is not angular feeling.

Because the clasp attached to the strap is attached to the corner of the mat ... ....

If you pass through a hole in another mat etc, you can connect.

Because it leads as follows, it is convenient not to overlap when using multiple mats.

To the belt on the head side ... ....

It can be used as a pillow by fixing things stuffed in clothes etc in storage bags.

After use we will loosen the valve and fold it.

With such feeling 'Guruguru' if you roll it OK.

I rested in a bag as it was.

As an optional pillow "U.L. Comfort system pillow(2800 yen including tax) "The state at the time of storage is like this.

The measured weight is about 81 grams.

It's like this when you take it out of the bag.

A valve to blow in.

It swells into a proper pillow shape in about 30 seconds.

Can be used in conjunction with the mat body as follows.

Comfortable bed completion.

So we also have one for preparing for casual camps where there is no need to set up a tent with a sharp rocky place without having to worry about the weight of luggage, and when to stay in a shelter at a disaster It is safe to keep it.

Amazon.co.jp: Montbell (mont-bell) U.L. Comfort System Pad 180 Orange Brick OGBR 1124404: Sports & Outdoor

Amazon.co.jp: Montbell (mont-bell) U.L. Comfort System Pillow 1124290: Sports & amp; Outdoor

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