From iPhone to ramen, I tried sitting on ultra light folding chair "Ultra light trekking chair C1-71" to make every queue wait comfortably

Weight about 250 grams, about 30 centimeters in length, foldable chair that is compact and lightweight and easy to carryDOPPELGANGER OUTDOORof"Ultra light trekking chair C1-71"is.

DOPPELGANGER OUTDOOR Doppelgerger Outdoor C1-71

It is a product that seems to be useful for camping and outdoor festivals, as well as when it comes to queues of events and restaurants, so I decided to borrow the spot and check the comfort and so on.

The state that entered the attached storage bag looks like this.

The measured weight is about 262 grams and lightweight.

Since it is about 33.5 cm in length when it is stored, it can be put in a shoulder bag for town walking etc. which is not a big bag for outdoor.

Let's take it out from the bag.

The folded state is like this.

The actual weight of chairs only is about 252 grams, which is about half the lightness of 500 ml PET bottles.

It uses a frame made of geralumin and is rugged design with load-bearing capacity of 100 kg or more.

Since the seating surface has become a mesh, it is a specification that is hard to stuff even if it is queued for a long time in the queue waiting for the summer event.

The fabric is firmly fastened with metal fittings and screws, so it will not easily come off.

Below the legs with rubber anti-slip.

Please check in the movie below to see how it can be spread out and sit in about 3 seconds.

I tried spreading 252 gram folding chair "C1-71" - YouTube

The height from the floor to the seating surface in the spread state is about 23 cm.

When actually sitting down, it feels like this. Although it is a product that emphasizes compactness, it may feel somewhat unstable, but if you get used to it, there is no problem level. The seating surface is also compact, but because it is in a shape that can hold the buttocks firmly, there is no point that cloth bites into somewhere and feels uncomfortable.

That's why there are one event that is allowed to bring chairs and the like, or when there are one in the queue of eating and drinking establishments and home appliance mass merchandisers in places that will not interfere with the traffic, legs stick and standing on the ground, It is recommended because you do not have to worry about sitting on and dirty clothes. DOPPELGANGER OUTDOOR (Doppelgerger Outdoor) Ultra Lite Trekking Chair C1-71

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