I tried using "outdoor carry chair" which can sit and wait long queue for comfort and carry luggage

It is also a chair if it deforms while carrying baggage comfortably with a wheeled bagOutdoor carry chair(4271 yen including tax) ". As the name implies, we decided to purchase and actually try to use it and strength, as it seems convenient for shopping in the city and at the event, as well as carrying baggage when working outdoors.

This time I ordered both color variations, so 2 boxes arrived.

It is in a big box up to the chest position of an adult male.

I bought two colors of orange (right) and lime green.

The contents are semi-finished goods.

First of all we will assemble the frame of luggage.

With such a feeling it is OK to pinch the tip of the frame with Velcro and stop it.

It will be self-sustaining without collapsing as "Benyat".

The size of luggage is 33 × height 21 × 54 cm depth.

Looking from the side like this.

It is convenient to carry by itself as it has a handle.

The lid has fasteners.

Just push the wheel mounting into the axle.

Restrain the fasteners and push "Good" and "Kachin" will fit.

Afterwards assembling is completed if you pass the bag of luggage in the handle of the main body.

It will look like this when completed.

Viewed from the diagonal as follows.

The side is like this.

It is seen from behind.

When you expand the chair it will look like this.

I actually sat down. Iron poles hit the thigh, so it seems to be cluttered when sitting for a long time, but there is no rattling etc, so in a short break it seems to be able to relax so much.

Looking at the seated condition from behind, it is like this.

Where we are carrying.

There are slight cushioning properties on the wheels, so it seems to be absorbing the shaking even in the Gatagoto route.

It is possible to lock so that chairs will not be opened erroneously during transportation.

It is like this inside the luggage compartment.

Plastic board is contained in the bottom part.

Let's actually check the strength by putting a block weighing about 10 kilos.

This degree can be transported without problems at all. The tires also move smoothly.

Next let's put two blocks.

The part of the belt that connects carry and luggage can not bear the weight and has torn.

Since the load bearing indication is 8 kilos, it may be a reasonable result that we could not tolerate weights close to 20 kilos, but when we use it at camp we compile PET bottles, tents, ingredients and cooking utensils It should be said that it is a slightly fussy spec because it should not be strange even if it weighs as much as it carries it.

That is why people planning to use such as using a queue of events permitted to bring carts and shopping a large amount of shopping and taking a luggage while holding baggage in places where it is difficult to find rest areas If it is, it is a product that should be useful

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