It extends from only 35 cm to 156 cm, it is convenient to carry around and is compact, but full-fledged tripod "UT-53Q" review

The three legs can be folded back 180 degrees, the height can be freely changed from the minimum height of 353 mm to the total height of 1560 mmm, a tripod with a stretch ratio of about 5.7 is Velbon's "UT-53Q"is. When it was stored, it was about 30 cm super compact size and it was convenient to carry, so I actually purchased it and tried it.

Velbon Corporation UT-53Q

So this is the package of "UT - 53Q".

I pulled out of the box and it was in a cover with a handle.

This is "UT - 53Q".

The size at the time of storage is about 30 cm.

It is about a little bigger than the iPad.

It is from the same VelbonSherpa 545To the platformPHD-53Q, And a mirrorless single-lens tripod that was released in September 2012Sherpa 345When comparing it side by side, you can understand the smallness at the time of storage.

The weight is about 1400 g.

It uses lightweight metallic magnesium that has excellent specific strength, dimensional stability, vibration absorption, and it is very light compared to iron and aluminum, but there was also a heavy feeling for smallness of appearance.

When using, I will open three feet.

Turn over the top and bottom to look like this.

Raise the lever and remove the quick shoe.

On the back side of the quick shoe is attached a screw with a knob, raising the knob and twisting it makes it easy to install the camera.

It is like this when the camera is attached.

Since the pan head is ball type, the camera can be moved freely.

Also, since the elevator is stored inside the body, it is possible to extend not only three legs but also here.

In comparison with Sherpa 345 with legs stretched without extending their legs, UT - 53Q is taller slightly.

Also, UT - 53Q has no restriction on the range of opening legs, the minimum height is 336 mm, it is also possible to fix the camera to a lower position.

When stretching the legs, grasp the stump at the tip of the leg and turn it in a loose direction at once until the resistance of "Kakkakakuku" and the number of steps is stopped.

The total height is 1560 mm, the height of the two tripods is almost the same when the legs and body can be extended.

When carrying a tripod, there is a case that the tripod partially protrudes unless you use a special bag ... ...

UT - 53Q is the size that can fit even inside the shoulder bag for women.

UT-53Q is convenient to carry, even if you go out with taking a camera, tripod, exchange lens, and shooting goods, but the package will become bigger, but the UT-53Q is convenient to carry, shooting a wider range of shooting than the conventional tripod shoot It had the stretching ratio that it makes possible at the destination.

Incidentally,According to the current lowest price is 22,227 yenIt has become.

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