80% lighter than ordinary water bottle · Space saving · I tried chitting "Platypus" which can be drunk while keeping it in the bag

It is important to frequently replenish water in summer to prevent heat stroke, but it is recommended for those who say "It is not easy to carry large and bulky water bottles or PET bottles", but a special film was used Water bottle (water bag) "Platypus"is. Since it is 80% lightweight and strong enough that it is portable so that it can carry with drink in a bag-shaped main body, it is said that it is 80% lighter and strong enough than a general plastic water bottle, so actually purchase and check every corner I made it.

Three types of "plus bottle 1.0L", "Platypass 2", "Big Zip SL 2.0L" were purchased this time.

Plus bottle 1.0L(1785 yen including tax,AmazonIt is 1737 yen)

The package looks something like this.

When the contents are empty, Pettanko weighs about 23 grams. The size is 25 in width × 15 cm in width.

Since corners and edges are securely stretched and crimped, they will not easily be broken.

There is a hole in the right shoulder of the bottle that can be hooked up by carabiners and others.

Drinking spout with transparent cover.

When you want to drink contents please pull the tip of the drinking mouth OK.

In addition, you can remove drinking mouth when you twist "Kurukuru", so you can put drinks there.

I tried putting water in practice. Contents amount is about 1 L.

After having finished drinking contents it can be crushed like the following to make it compact so it does not mean that it is Jama because it does not contain anything like a general water bottle.

In order to test how strong it is, about 70 km of men tried riding over the whole weight.

As well as leaning, contents do not leak out.

Platypus 2(1155 yen including tax,AmazonIt is 1124 yen)
A package of 2L's "Platypus 2" which is a little bigger size looks like this.

Before use, it becomes petanco as follows, weight is light, 36 grams.

Here too corners and edges are crimped fairly firmly.

The mouth is like this.

It is like this when opening the lid.

The place where water was added is as follows.

Even if a 70 km male rides on this place, I will not do it.

Rounding out small will make it compact as follows.

Big Zip SL 2.0 L(3570 yen including tax,AmazonIt is 3473 yen)

The package is as follows.

In addition to the water bottle body, a tube with a drinking mouth is attached.

The mouth of the water is like this.

When you remove the blue fasteners, you will see a mouth like "Zip Rock".

Because the mouth opens with "Pakkatto" ... ....

You can put water etc. as follows.

Since it opens with sufficient size to put your hands in, you can wash the contents "Goshigoshi" and it is hygienic.

It is like this when putting water.

The part that connects the tube of the drinking mouth is as follows.

When I push such a part of the feeling ... ....

"Pachin" will fit.

The drinking mouth used in addition to the mouth is such a form.

Usually it is closed like this, so contents will never come out.

Put it in your mouth and chew it "Good" ... ....

The inside comes out "Pew" at last

Since the tube has a clip, it is possible to keep it in clothes and backpack.

In addition, liquid will not leak even if you remove the tube with contents inside.

It is okay to ride on.

If you want to use it handsfree, put the body in a backpack etc.

Let me out the tube ... ....

With it in your mouth, if you absorb the contents you can quickly add hydration even while on the move. In addition, in the state where the contents are changed 2 to 3 times, the unique odor will be attached to the water, but since it seems that it will not become matter of concern after the date, people who are sensitive to odor change the contents several times before actually using It seems to be better to do the work of drying.

When going outdoors to enjoy mountaineering, trail running, survival games, etc., it is convenient to take it to events that often tend to walk around such as summer faces and comic markets.

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