I tried using Tiger's electric kettle 'steamless VE electric thermos PIG-J300 type' that does not emit steam at all and can pour hot water anywhere.

The ' Steamless VE Electric Thermos PIG-J300 ' is a cordless electric kettle that eliminates the inconvenience of hot water supply only when it is connected to an outlet. It is a safe design that does not generate steam even when boiling water, and it also has convenient functions such as a kitchen timer, so I actually used it and checked its usability.

Steamless VE Electric Mahobin PIG-J300 | Product Information | Tiger Thermos


The outer box of PIG-J300 looks like this.

It contained the main unit, instruction manual, and power cord.

This is the main body of PIG-J300. It measures 23.4 cm wide x 30.2 cm deep x 31.0 cm high and weighs 3.8 kg.

Buttons such as kitchen timer, thermos, unlock, heat retention selection, boiling, and hot water supply are lined up at the top of the main unit. The hot water supply button is long sideways and has a shape that is easy to press.

There is a water meter on the front.

There is a power cord connection port on the back side, and a note is written on the entire surface.

There is a ring on the bottom that rotates 360 degrees, which allows the pot to rotate freely when standing up.

To open the lid, first push in front of the open / close lever ...

Hook your finger on the raised part and then pull it up.

Inside, there is a display called 'Cocomade' that indicates the water level when the water is full. Water can be supplied up to 3L.

First of all, we will supply water to actually boil the water. The instruction manual says, 'Pour water directly from the faucet or place it in a wet place to prevent the bottom from getting wet', so use a large cup to supply water.

I stored water until it was full.

A red ball indicating the amount of water was floating on the water meter. You can see at a glance how much water you have with the scale.

When this red ball comes down, it is a guideline that water supply is needed soon. However, if you look down from above, it will be a little difficult to see, so if you want to check frequently, it seems that you need to devise a place to put the pot.

After closing the lid, connect the power cord. A magnet is attached to the connection part, and when you bring it closer, it will stick together.

When the power cord was connected, the power turned on automatically and heating started with a beeping sound. The temperature of the water is displayed on the liquid crystal panel.

The display alternates between 'water temperature' and 'time to boil' every 10 seconds.

After a while, I heard the sound of boiling water. As you can see in the video below, there is no steam at all and the sound is quite quiet.

Tiger's 'Steamless VE Electric Thermos PIG-J300' is quiet without steam even when it boils-YouTube

The water has boiled. It takes about 30 minutes from 25 ° C to 100 ° C immediately after adding water.

I will pour hot water immediately. You can supply hot water by pressing the 'unlock' button, but there are two types of unlock buttons, 'small' and 'large', which allow you to adjust the amount of hot water that comes out. This time we will put it in a small tea cup, so press the 'small' button to prevent the hot water from splashing.

When I pressed the hot water supply button, hot water came out. I supplied the tea cup on the same desk as the pot, but the hot water hardly bounced.

You can see in the following movie that the source of freeze-dried soup is put in a bowl and divided into 'small' and 'large'. First, put in 'small', then put in 'many'. If you are a 'many' person, the hot water will splash a little, so you need to bring the bowl closer, or if you have a small bowl, put it in a 'small' amount.

I tried using the unlock buttons 'small' and 'many' of 'steamless VE electric thermos PIG-J300 type' properly --YouTube

Also, if you look at the above movie, you can see that the numbers displayed on the LCD panel are getting bigger and bigger. This is a 'hot water weighing function' that measures how much the amount you just poured. I will investigate how accurate this is by using the measuring cup used for water supply earlier.

I kept pressing the water supply button and stopped the hot water supply when the number reached '450'.

Looking at the measuring cup, it's just a little more than 450ml. Lightweight seems to be pretty accurate.

However, when I tried it immediately after the first time, the second time was a little more than before.

In addition, this pot can supply hot water even if the power cord is removed, which is quite convenient when taking it to a place a little away. When you remove the power cord, the display on the LCD panel disappears like this.

Move the switch on the lid toward 'release' ...

When you press the switch, hot water will start to be supplied.

When I pushed it deeply, hot water began to come out vigorously. It seems that the amount of hot water that comes out changes depending on the depth of pushing. In addition, it is said that the effect of the thermos can keep 90 degrees or more even after 3 hours after pulling out the cord.

The pot also has a kitchen timer function. It can be set up to 30 minutes, and if it is less than 1 minute, it will count the number of seconds. You can check how the timer is actually used from the following movie.

The kitchen timer function of 'Steamless VE Electric Thermos PIG-J300' looks like this-YouTube

When throwing away unused hot water or cleaning it, push the lever behind the lid ...

If you pull the lid lightly, it will come off.

You can just throw away the hot water without being bothered by the lid.

It's easy to clean the inside, and even adults can put it in easily.

A movie showing the procedure of how to replace the packing was posted on the official website, but I actually tried how much trouble it would take.

How to put on and take off the electric kettle lid packing --YouTube

Follow the procedure to loosen the screw of the removed lid so that it cannot be removed.

When I lifted the packing, I heard a clicking sound, and it came off a little.

I just removed the packing.

When attaching new packing, attach the packing in the reverse order of the previous procedure ...

Tighten the screws and you're done. I was able to exchange it in less than 2 minutes.

Since the 'steamless VE electric kettle PIG-J300 type' can supply hot water cordlessly, instead of 'bringing the cup or bowl to the pot' as in the past, 'hold the pot where hot water is needed'. Anyway, it is convenient that you can use it like an electric kettle. Since steam does not come out, there is no need to worry about condensation or mold and worry about where to put it. It is not too big as 3L, and it seems that it can be used for one person without any problem.

'Steamless VE Electric Thermos PIG-J300' can be purchased at Amazon.co.jp and costs 16,912 yen including tax at the time of writing the article.

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