Starbuck's "Solo Filter" review, you can make drip coffee just by pouring hot water and use it many times

Although it takes time and effort to put in coffee by hand drip, Starbucks can be drip coffee just by pouring hot water, it is environmentally friendly coffee filter that can be used permanently without drip paper "Solo filter"there is. I sought to save time and see what kind of quality coffee I can drink, I actually tried to check the comfort.

Starbucks Solo Filter | Starbucks Coffee Japan

Put on a solo filter | Starbucks Coffee Japan

Get a solo filter with Starbucks. There are also handling in online shops and shops.

A brief description on the side of the box. It seems that "medium fine grinding" is suitable for coffee beans used in solo filter.

Contents is like this.

Disassemble from the left into the main body, the inner lid and the upper lid.

On the bottom of the main body, wash and use copper / tin (tin) · nickel alloy filter which can be used any number of times. It contains patterns and logos, and there are casual and funny stuff.

Since countless holes are empty at the bottom of the inner lid, even though you do not draw the letters of "__" with hot water like a hand drip, uniform hot water falls down.

That's why Starbucks coffee beansThree Region BlendI bought it, so I will actually try it. Beans were asked "for solo filter" at the store and they were grinded.

First of all, put in 10 g of coffee beans which will be one serving on the main body.

After flattening the coffee beans, cover the inner lid.

Pour 180ml of one cup of hot water ......

Complete if the hot water falls all over by covering the top lid. Because hot water falls like a shower and falls as a whole, there is no problem just by leaving it alone.

It is an image that the extracted coffee falls little by little when it is a hand drip, but the coffee is completed with surprising quickness that the solo filter "can you really extract?" It is hard to understand in the photograph, but the color of coffee is somewhat thinner as it looks, and the drinking mouth is also called "American". Oil is floating on the surface, but this is "coffee oil" which is difficult to extract with a paper filter, so it is rather problematic because it will be delicious. Although it was extracted with the speed as fast as instant coffee, it is definitely a delicious delicacy with instant coffee, it is definitely right for the person saying "I want to drink drip coffee ... although busy in the morning!"!

You can see how much extraction speed actually is, by seeing the following movie.

Starbucks coffee filter "Solo Filter" can be used any number of times to speed extraction speed - YouTube

After use, discard the used coffee beans such as garbage can. If you hit the corner of the garbage cancer, you will scratch the plastic body, so if you wipe it with kitchen paper etc, you can throw away the trash cleanly.

If you wash it clean in the kitchen OK. In the case of hand washing, it is necessary to use a soft sponge and a mild detergent, and if you use a hard sponge or a sardine, the filter may be scratched, so be careful. Moreover, it corresponds also to a dishwasher dryer. As coffee falls get worse, it seems to be good to wash with mild detergent for several hours and then with a soft sponge.

The first cup was a pretty American drinking mouth, so now it's time to steak a bit and try to see if the taste changes. A convenient part of the solo filter is where you do not have to worry about pouring like a hand drip. Even if you put hot water directly from the water heater, there is no problem, depending on the model you will know the amount extracted.

When putting in a little hot water, unlike when 180 ml was put in at a stretch, the hot water stayed a little hot. Leave the lid as it is and steam it for 30 seconds.

Then put the rest of the hot water and wait for coffee to be completed.

I drank it, the steamed coffee was better with aroma and the taste was finished slightly dark. Although it takes a little time, it is much easier than a hand drip so it is recommended to steam people who like dark coffee. In addition, it is possible to make iced coffee easily by putting ice on the cup in the same way and pouring the hot water in half.

The solo filter is sold at Starbucks' official online store and at stores, and the price is 1810 yen by tax. It is not easy to use with ecology, it seems to be good not only for yourself but also for gifts.

Starbucks Solo Filter | Starbucks Coffee Japan

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