I tried using Zoku "Iced Coffee Maker" which can be made in short time without diluting ice coffee with ice

It is a season when I want crisp and cold ice coffee, but when Ice coffee is made at home, it takes time to create watering coffee, but if I put ice into hot coffee, the problem of taste diminishes There is.Zoku "Iced Coffee Maker"It is said that it is becoming a friend of a person who wants to make without diluting ice coffee in a short time, so I purchased it actually and tried it.

Iced Coffee Maker | Zoku

This is the package of Zoku "Iced Coffee Maker".

Inside, main body / straw / instruction manual was included.

The main body can be disassembled into outer sleeve, inner cup, lid.

Weighs 634 g in actual measurement.

It is necessary to cool the inner cup for about 8 hours in the freezer before using it, so if you are going to use it in the morning you can do it in the freezer before going to bed at night.

When you take out the next day, the cup will get chilly.

After going out for a while, the dew condensation on the outside and inside of the cup is enough.

So I will make iced coffee. First of all boil water in the same way as making coffee normally.

Set the inner cup to the outer sleeve ......

After that, set coffee beans and filters directly to Iced Coffee Maker and pour hot water.

When we finished pouring hot water separately in three times and immediately measured the temperature of coffee, it was 11.8 degrees at this point. Cooling started while cooling coffee, so the temperature had dropped considerably.

According to the instructions, it will be completed when waiting 7 ~ 8 minutes after pouring coffee, so I will wait while observing the temperature drop.

The temperature has reached 4 degrees in about 1 minute and 30 seconds since we started measuring time.

In addition, it is already 1.6 degrees when three and half minutes have elapsed from the start of the timer. Coffee is cold at this point so you can enjoy iced coffee without waiting for 8 minutes. I did not pour hot coffee after extraction at once, but as I put coffee in the cup little by little, it seemed that cooling time could be shortened.

When 8 minutes passed, it was enough to start freezing a little coffee.

When drinking, set a lid and a straw.

Having the main body with one hand is about this size.

By the way, when stabbing it stabs it will create a gap with such feeling, it can not be completely sealed, so it is impossible to put it in a bag like a water bottle.

I took the straw out and it looked like the following.

So, when you carry it is better to have it in your hand. In the morning without time it is difficult to cool the coffee firmly, so if you put coffee in the Iced Coffee Maker and take it away immediately, you can enjoy a cold coffee while commuting.

Of course I can use it even when I have a chill at home.

As time passes, the iced coffee is cooled by the inner cup and becomes ice-like ......

If you pour milk, you can enjoy it as ice coffee.

In addition, Zoku "Iced Coffee Maker"Rakuten,AmazonWith it is handled from 3974 yen.

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