"Cafe all dripper" that can easily make drip coffee without filter exchange Review

If you enjoy coffee at a great price, there are not many people who would like to have fun with drippers instead of instant, but in that case it is a little troublesome exchange of paper filters. Because it is disposable, it will not be quickly enough, so it is troublesome to buy it, and if you try to put in a coffee, there is something like "There is no paper left!" Which could ruin your relaxation time.

So with the idea of ​​eliminating the paper filter and using coffee using a non-disposable mesh filter is "Cafe All Dripper 02(1680 yen including tax) ".

Also appeal greatly "paper unnecessary" in the package.

The body size is 105 × 121 mm wide and can have about 4 cups of cup of common size.

Looking from the bottom like this.

Looking into from above it looks like this.

Attachment for lower cup is detachable.

Mesh part of stainless steel.

Put it on a cup ......

I tried putting coffee beans. It is convenient to know the amount of appropriate beans even if there is no measuring cup because the scale is on the inside.

There is no way powder will come out of the mesh.

Pour the freshly brewed hot water into the center of the powder, steam for about 30 seconds, then turn hot water from the middle of the powder into a spiral.

Completion of delicious coffee.

People wanting to drink drip coffee, but it is troublesome to exchange paper filters each time, so if you want to enjoy luxurious luxurious scents while lucky is a must-have check.

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