A manual espresso machine "Mini Presso" that you can taste espresso everywhere if there is no power supply and beans and hot water required

Espresso condensed coffee taste is one of the most popular drinks even during coffee lovers but there is a low hurdle that requires a special machine for extraction methods that require high vapor pressure I will.

With GIGAZINE so far no need for power supply - As a device that can make espresso manually,Coffee machine "AeroPress" to pull out beans smoothly by air pressureAndA hand-espresso machine "Handpresso" that you can taste espresso at any time by operation like a bicycle pumpWe have reviewed the. In addition, this time I decided to try using an espresso maker called "Mini Presso" which is the same equipment.

Radonna Corporation LADONNA - Mini Presso GR LG 12 - MP

Mini PRESSO arrived in a simple box just pasting the sticker on the cardboard.

There are only 3 contents of contents, minipreso body and instruction manual, guide of how to make espresso.

In order to make delicious espresso, grind beans fine ......

Beans are recommended to put only one cup in the enclosed measuring cup and to slowly extract the pumps for 1 second per time.

The parts composition looks like this. From the left, a cup that weighs hot water, a measuring spoon that weighs a cup of beans, a main body with a piston, an extraction cup that contains coffee beans, a nozzle unit, and a drinking cup.

When brewing espresso, press this piston by hand to generate pressure.

In the bottom of the extraction cup and the nozzle unit, a metal mesh with a small hole that makes it feel like espresso machine.

I will try making a espresso. First of all, put a small amount of pulverized beans into a measuring spoon.

Cover the extraction cup from above on the measuring spoon ......

Put the prescribed amount of beans into the extraction cup by turning it up as it is.

Bean entered. In addition, in a typical espresso machine, we do "tamping" where beans are pushed and compressed here with a tamper, but in the case of mini presses it is stated that "do not tampe" on the contrary.

Attach extraction cup containing beans to main unit ......

A nozzle unit is attached. The bean setting is complete with this.

When the beans are ready, pour the hot water to the part of the line inside the measuring cup.

Place the body of the mini presser down on the measuring cup with hot water, screw it in and mount it. At this time, it is natural, but it is important to cover the measuring cup from above and be willing to spill the hot water as "Daiba" so be careful.

All the settings of the main unit are completed with this. I will try to extract espresso in a drinking cup.

Hold the mini pressso with both hands, push the piston "thumbs" with your thumb, apply pressure and extract the espresso.

When pumping about 5 times, suddenly the piston becomes hard. When pumping it further several times, espresso full of crema is coming from the extraction mouth like this.

As I drank it, this is definitely an espresso. The taste of the coffee was condensed and it was able to taste the rich espresso with the tongue of the crema 's trolley. Of course, we could adjust the darkness by delicately adjusting the amount of coffee beans.

When you finish making espresso, remove the nozzle unit and throw away the beans.

I just peeled the beans halfway. I heard that hot water was passed through all the beans and extraction was taking place.

Unlike espresso machines such as electric type mini preessos are not extracted by high pressure steam, there is a part that can not be said to be pure "espresso", but the taste actually extracted is exactly that of espresso. Compared to the actual espresso, "I feel impressed with the power feeling coming a bit," I have not received the impression, but it seems to say that you will not find a decisive drawback unless you are an advanced espresso. Especially, if you have beans and hot water, you can easily make espresso anywhere, so it was a machine that could be used in various situations, such as going out to the office, workplace, camping.

Mini PRESSO is priced at a price of 9180 yen including tax, Amazon can purchase with 575% tax included 8757 yen.
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